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Selection – Drag Lasso

You can drag a rectangular lasso selector with the mouse to select all the items enclosed by the lasso. This also selects items hidden by other items. How you drag a lasso depends on whether the slippy canvas (setting in the View tab) is active or not.

Slippy canvas off:
Just drag with the mouse.

Slippy canvas on:
Hold down SHIFT and drag.

Zooming, moving and rotating the canvas

Slippy canvas on:
Mouse wheel zooms the canvas, SHIFT + mouse wheel rotates the canvas, dragging moves the canvas.

Slippy canvas off:
CTRL + mouse wheel zooms the canvas, SHIFT + mouse wheel rotates the canvas, CTRL + dragging moves the canvas.

Simple selection: Single Click

Element or group

Selects the item or group.

Item in Slides or Objects list

Selects the slide or object. Even if the slide is grouped with its contents only the slide (frame) is selected.

Special selection: SHIFT + Click

Normal elements

Multiple selection: Holding down the SHIFT key adds the element clicked to the selected elements. If the element is already selected the click deselects it.

Elements in groups

Holding down SHIFT and clicking on an element in a group allows you to select just that element without needing to ungroup the group.

Double Click

Empty area of canvas

Zooms all the items on your canvas into view and centers it.

Element or group

Zooms the element or group into view and centers it. If necessary it rotates it so that it is correctly positioned for editing.

Text object, callout or shape

Activates text editing for the selected element

Multiple selected elements

Zooms all the selected elements into view and rotates as necessary.

Item in the Slides or Objects list

Selects the slide or object, zooms it into view, centers it and rotates it if necessary. Even if the slide is grouped with its contents only the slide (frame) is selected.

Right-click context menus

Editor pane in slides and slides overview:

Context menu for cutting, copying, pasting and a wide range of functions depending on the currently selected element.

In text editor boxes:

Cut, copy, paste, select all and edit the HTML source code of the text in the boxes.

In Slides and Objects tabs:

Cut, copy, paste, move up and down, create and duplicate slides, lock and hide objects and more.

Snap to grid

Holding down the SHIFT key while resizing or moving elements makes them snap to an invisible grid on the background, and to the positions of other objects. When this is active lines appear when the edge of the element you are moving lines up with another element. This makes positioning elements in relation to one another much easier.

You can configure the grid size and snapping in the View tab:


Resizing and rotating

You can resize and rotate objects by dragging their handles with the mouse. The corner handles resizes entire element maintaining the aspect ratio (relation of width to height). The handles on the sides of elements change the width or height in one direction.

Scaling borders:

You can make border (outline) widths scale together with the element with the setting Size Objects > Scale Line Widths. This setting is active by default. Border widths are not changed when resizing.

Elements with rounded corners:

Elements with rounded corners have two additional drag handle controls in the top left corner. Dragging either of those controls directly changes the curve of the corner in both X and Y directions. Holding down CTRL and dragging changes the rounded corner only in the direction of that drag handle (X or Y).

Callout pointers

You can drag the yellow handle on the tip of the callout pointer to change its size and direction.

Hold down CTRL or SHIFT to move the pointer in increments or by snapping it to the grid, if snap to grid is activated in the View menu.

Drag the blue (+) handle in the callout to create additional pointers.


The rotate handle extending from the bottom of an element rotates it around its geometric center point. Drag the projecting rotation handle below the element when selected. Hold down SHIFT when rotating with the mouse to rotate in preset increments.