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HelpXplain Elements & Information

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This chapter is a quick reference to the elements available in HelpXplain. While most elements can be manipulated in the same or similar ways (see Editing Images & Elements) there are also some special operations for particular elements that are listed here along with the element description.

The Favorites tool

You will often create elements that you want to reuse. You can do this with the Favorites tool in the Home tab:


Creating Favorites:

1.Select any element or multiple elements in the current slide.

2.Right-click on the element and select Add Selected Object to Favorites in the context menu.
Click on the Favorites tool and select Add Selected Object.

Using Favorites

Select an element in the Favorites preview, then click in the editor to insert it.

Managing Favorites

Select Manage Favorites in the Favorites menu. The favorites are shown in a standard Xplain editor window, just like a slide.