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Because of their special capabilities, the properties of numbering tags are separate from HelpXplain themes and styles. This is because these tags are identified by their shapes and their colors. Because of this, the colors and other properties you set in your theme for shapes have no effect on the numbering tags.

How numbering tag properties work

When you insert the first numbering tag it always has the color shown in the menu.

If you just click to insert it, it will have 60 x 60 px dimensions. Dragging to insert or changing the size after inserting changes the dimensions for the next tag you insert.

Subsequent numbering tags selected and inserted from the menu get their color, size, font color and font size from the last tag in the current sequence.

You can insert a numbering tag with  properties by copying and pasting any existing tag. It will then have the properties of the copied tag, but the number in the sequence will still be correct.