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Team Foundation Server Bug Fix

We have updated Help+Manual 7 build 3608! This update fixes a few bugsĀ in the recent 7.0 release.

The most important bug fix concerns the support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server version control. If you are using Help+Manual with TFS, we strongly recommend to install this update!

Other small issues, fixed in this update, are:

  • Variables in tables – in very rare cases, variables placed inside table cells were not replaced during publishing
  • Embedded pictures with a color depth of 32 bit were not properly converted to PNG (this affected binary picture data embedded in text, not linked images)

Last, not least, we have implemented a new configuration option to enable or disable the mouse-over highlight feature of the new picture hotspots. The automatically highlighted hotspots in pictures when the mouse hovers over it were not everyone’s cup of tea. Now you have the choice: disabling this feature makes image hotspots as invisible as in older versions of Help+Manual:


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