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Premium Pack 3.44 Maintenance Update

Version 3.44 of the Help+Manual Premium Pack add-on is a maintenance update. It adds a couple of minor new features and corrects some issues reported by users.

How to Get the Premium Pack Update:

You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase.

Changes and Fixes

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  • Search highlighting for external Zoom search pages (V3 WebHelp skins and V2 WebHelp skins)
    If you have an external Zoom search page for multiple WebHelp collections or your entire website, search result links to V3 and V2 WebHelp will now also correctly highlight the search terms in the topic page when it is linked to from your search page. In V2 this works both when accessing the topic directly (topic.htm) and with the full syntax (index.html?topic.htm) and also when switching back from the topic-only display to the full WebHelp user interface.
  • Support for opening WebHelp with the TOC closed on mobile devices (V3 WebHelp skins)
    You can now configure your V3 WebHelp skin to open with the TOC initially closed on phones and tablets if the display is narrow enough to force the topic to fill the entire screen width. This is now on by default as it may also slightly improve search engine rankings since the content is not initially covered (unconfirmed, but worth a try). You can configure this with the new MOBILE_TOCAUTOHIDE variable in the TOC, Index and Search variables group.
  • Full version of ZOOM: Support for WebHelp topics in recommended links (V3 and V2 WebHelp skins)
    If you use the full version of the Wrensoft Zoom web search indexer with V3 WebHelp skins or V2 WebHelp skins you can now also enter links to topics in your WebHelp in the Recommended Links feature of Zoom. Previously, this only worked with external web pages.
  • Breadcrumb navigation: incorrect “No TOC entry for this topic” display (all V3 skins)
    In some situations links and TOC entries referring to an anchor caused the breadcrumb navigation incorrectly to display the “No TOC entry for this topic” message instead of the correct topic reference.
  • Text not assigned to variable in keyword index script (V3 skins)
    The text of the IDXTEXT_CLICKTIP variable (“Select sub-keywords of this entry to see references to“) was not updated in the skin when you changed it.
  • Incorrect iOS version warning message (V2 iPad skin)
    The script in the V2 iPad skin incorrectly identified iOS 11 as an outdated version and displayed a warning the first time it was opened.


More information

See the Premium Pack information page for general details and purchase information and the Premium Pack web-based documentation for full instructions.

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