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Help+Manual 7.3.6 Maintenance Update

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have released a maintenance update for Help+Manual 7.3,6. We encourage you to install this maintenance release over your existing version of Help+Manual.


Bug Fixes and Improvements in 7.3.6

General / User Interface

  • Project report with unused images: toggle icons for expanded view were reported as “unused”, although they were in fact used by the project.
  • Dropdown toggles: if a dedicated “Print” icon was specified for the toggle object, the icon file was not automatically copied to the project folder.
  • Publishing Tasks Dialog: The More menu has an additional entry to directly open the specified output folder of the selected task. Bug fix: task options were not saved for EXE eBooks.
  • Insert Image Hotspots dialog: DEL key did not work in edit fields

HTML Publishing

  • YouTube videos did no longer work in CHM files: Because of changes on the YouTube servers, that dropped support for MS Internet Explorer 9. When viewing a CHM file, the display engine in the HTML Help viewer is MSIE. The internal MSIE viewer is now by default elevated to run as IE10, which fixes the problem with YouTube videos in CHM files.
  • Inline CSS in HTML-based export formats: We have removed most of the (remaining) inline CSS for bullet lists, numbered lists and tables. Help+Manual now exports lists as text with classes, referring to the paragraph classes they belong to. When exporting “lists as lists” (not recommended), Help+Manual does not apply any inline CSS anymore, to make it easier to format list with custom global CSS.
    Tables are exported with style classes: tables refer to global table styles instead of using inline CSS.
  • Date and Time variables: The variable <%DATELONG%> now returns month names in the genitive form, instead of the nominative form.  In English and many other Roman languages, there is no difference between the genitive and the nominative form, so you might not notice any change. In some languages like Russian, however, the months are spelled and pronounced differently in genitive form.
    Furthermore, we have implemented a new formatted variable: <%DATE(formatstring)%>
  • Webhelp export: Topic IDs that start with an underscore (“_”) are now excluded from the sitemap. These topics are generally excluded from the full-text search and should not occur in the sitemap, either.
  • Wingdings bullet #158 was internally saved as #382 and was exported wrong in HTML
  • HTML export (all formats): The list of baggage files was exported too early. It was not possible to overwrite the default CSS file (default.css) with a custom version, because that CSS was created after the baggage files export.
  • EPUB and Kindle eBooks: In the page template and TOC template defaults, the white background color “#FFFFFF” has been removed. In the default CSS style sheet, the black text color for base styles has been removed. Both changes should enable the ePUB reader to switch the colors in night mode.

PDF Publishing

  • Better integration of Type3 font encoding. Vertical offset for the Segoe UI font in Type3 embedding mode fixed.
  • Some rare character spacing problems fixed
  •  If the specified print manual template does not exist, Help+Manual stops with an error instead of gracefully using the default template.
  • Bug with multiple IFDEFs in single-column tables fixed: if the first item was an IFDEF and the last item was an END and there were multiple IF-END but not nested, the row was removed.


Update Build 4521 (July 3, 2018):

  • Small bugfix for XML browser preview of project source files
  • Table header colors were not exported for tables without style


Please download the update to Help+Manual 7.3.6 from our download page and install over your existing installation of Help+Manual.

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