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Help+Manual 7.4.1 Maintenance Update

This is maintenance update for the recent Help+Manual 7.4 release. Several users reported problems with the style preview in tables, which turned out to be an issue on some machines only running Windows 7/64 Service Pack 1. This problem has been fixed with the 7.4.1 update


Changes and bug fixes in Help+Manual 7.4.1 Build 4615

  • Style preview in tables did not work on some machines with Win7/64
  • Issues with Russian date values in genitive form (<%DATELONG%> must return the month name in genitive form)
  • Word/DOCX export: warnings about invalid characters have been reduced
  • Topic editor: header height was not updated automatically for multi-line topic headers


Please download the update to Help+Manual 7.4.1 from our download page and install over your existing installation of Help+Manual.

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