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HelpXplain 1.0.3 and Help+Manual 7.5.2 Updates

We are glad to announce two updates for both, HelpXplain and Help+Manual. The latter includes two small bugfixes, HelpXplain comes with new translation functions.

HelpXplain 1.0.3

  • This update has a dedicated Translation tab added to the File menu. The translation tab features an XLIFF export and import for external translations. In the Properties section, a Language option has been added (the language setting is required for XLIFF).
  • Another new feature related to translation is that player skins have an option to load translations from an external text file. Player skins may contain translatable text like “Play”, “Pause”, “Previous/next slide”. English, German and French translations are included.
  • New Slide menu: we’ve added a screencast option here. It was already possible to add a screencast to an existing Xplain. However, many users could not find this function. It’s now placed in the Slide menu for better visibility.
  • Bugfix object link: the option “go to website” could not be selected
  • Bugfix screencast: when adding spotligths to a new screencast, the spotlight was in the wrong place if the screencast layout was text-left or text-right.
  • Bugfix group/ungroup: z-index of objects sometimes wrong
  • Bugfix: when the slide list was selected, copy to clipboard and cut to clipboard did not work
  • Bugfix: the zoom slider was wrong on high-res monitors and the [-] button did not work as a result
  • Update build 1090: the command line compiler for Help+Manual could not export Xplains that were currently being edited in HelpXplain.


Help+Manual 7.5.2

The changes made in this update of Help+Manual are really minor. It includes two small problem fixes:

  • Bugfix in table selection: copy/paste was sometimes confused and when converting selected text (e.g. a link) in a table cell to plain text, the entire table cell was converted.
  • Word/RTF Import: in some rare cases, an image was considered a duplicate when in fact it was not duplicate


Both are free updates if included in your maintenance plan! Please download the update(s) and install it over your existing version.


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