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HelpXplain v1.0.1 Maintenance Update

We are glad to announce the first update after the official release of HelpXplain!

HelpXplain is perfect for slideshows and HowTo screencasts embedded in web pages and technical documentation.

This is a free maintenance update that fixes several small bugs that have been reported by users during the last 8 days. Bug fixes in no particular order:

  • Problem with offline activation fixed
  • Several UI errors fixed
  • Errors in online help fixed
  • Optical glitches in object tree and high-dpi monitors fixed
  • Optical glitches in German UI fixed
  • Project Properties, Custom Scripts edit field: copy to clipboard with CTRL+C did not work
  • When changing the slide transition to “Show”, it was not permanently saved and was back to “Pan, rotate, zoom” the next time the Xplain project was opened.
  • Inserting SVG images: if the SVG has a defines size larger than the slide, it is automatically reduced to slide size.
  • Animation Preview: when the animation preview for a slide was running, it was possible to manipulate objects currently being animated, possibly resulting in access violations.
  • Changing background size could have caused an error when the background was too large.
  • After changes to the publishing skin or to the project properties, the Save button did not immediately become enabled.
  • Duplication of an existing slide did reset the project configuration
  • Object tree: images now also display their internal file name for easier identification
  • Several bugs fixed when creating image sliders:
    • The picture on the first slide started with the name “Image2” instead of “Image1”.
    • If an image was deleted from disk between image selection and the creation of a slider, HelpXplain raised an error.
    • If the images on the slider were small, the default slide size was still 960 x 540 px
    • Taking the aspect ratio of the first image on the slider did not work if images were cropped


To install the update, please download the trial version of HelpXplain from our download page and install it over your current version, to update.

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