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See what’s coming in HelpXplain

It’s less than three weeks that we released HelpXplain and we are already working on the first feature update.

One of the new features is separate styles for callouts and other shapes. In the current version, all shapes have the same default fill and outline. But callouts are usually different, so we separated them from the rest of the shapes.

The style settings in HelpXplain globally change the look of all objects of this kind in a presentation:

Global styles in HelpXplain


The second new feature are animated spotlights. An animated spotlight darkens the slide and leaves an unobscured area in the middle. This area can be animated with special spotlight animations.

What can you use spotlights for?

Well, spotlights are perfect for explaining different regions of a single image or screenshot. Let’s say you want to document a software screenshot and the screenshot contains just too much information to present it to the user as it is. With animated spotlights you can create a simple multi-page presentation in a few minutes. A presentation that speaks for itself.

Here’s a demo – just 2 screenshots in this Xplain, but plenty of information:

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