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Fraudulent charges by the name of helpandmanual”S”.com

We have received several complaints between July 11th and today from people who have been charged (on their bank account or their credit card) in the name of ““. (Note the “s” at the end of the domain name, which is different from our domain, which is ““). Does this apply in your case?

Did you find a charge on your credit card or bank statement with the amount of GBP 24.90 in the name of ““?

Scan of a fraudulent credit card charge
Scan of a fraudulent credit card charge


If you find such a charge on your credit card, we would first like to make it very clear that the charge does not come from us. We are a software company and when we sell software online, we sell through resellers only. Our name would never appear on your bank or credit card statement, even if you had purchased software from us, and the name appearing on your statement is not actually ours, although it is very similar.

The company is using multiple domains including “” as well as ““,  “” and several others. They are selling copies of manuals and enticing users to make an initial inexpensive purchase that then automatically signs them up for an ongoing subscription of 24.90 pounds per month.


You Must Take Action Now!

This is a recurring charge. These unscrupulous people will keep charging your bank account every month unless you object! Steps to take:

  1. Contact your credit card company! Report this charge as fraudulent and request it to be refunded. Make sure that recurring charges will be rejected right away.
  2. Contact the company directly. Depending on the legislation in your country you may be able to contest or cancel this subscription.
  3. We recommend consulting a consumer assistance organisation for more information on what is possible in your location and whether this activity constitutes fraud or not.
  4. If it constitutes fraud, file a police report. If it does not, file a police report though, to help to stop this unscrupulous practice.


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