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Help+Manual 8.2.0 Released

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 8.2. If you are using version 8 already, this is update is included in your maintenance plan. Just download the setup and run it to update your current installation.

This update focuses on DeepL machine translation, PDF output and proxy servers for floating licenses.

1. DeepL Translation Plugin

The DeepL translation plugin includes more languages: the target language can distinct between American and British English and between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

The biggest change, however, is the support of protected text. In Help+Manual, you can mark text as “protected“, which means that it shouldn’t be translated. This text flag is now supported by the translation plugin. But there’s more to protected text!

We have implemented a glossary feature to list words and phrases that you want to protect from translation in general. This is extremely useful to protect product names or trademarks, that would otherwise be translated by DeepL.

DeepL Translation Glossary


2. Floating Licenses with Proxy Settings

For companies that use a mandatory corporate proxy server to manage Internet access for all employees, floating licenses did not work, because Help+Manual could not access the license server to book a floating license.

Now you can tell Help+Manual to use a dedicated proxy server for logon and logoff. A link to the proxy settings editor is included in the View tab.


3. Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Project Statistics (project overview page): the option to disable automatic calculation is back.
  • Insert HTML Code dialog: this dialog now has dedicated support for static HTML code, merge of external HTML files and web URLs.
    Insert HTML Code Dialog
  • Support for custom Web font alternatives implemented: in Configuration > Publishing > Webhelp there is a new page to specify font family alternatives for the Webhelp output. Help+Manual included and used a list of standard fonts already, now this list has been made customizable.
  • eWriter Viewer 2.3.6 is shipped with this version (also available in the Microsoft store). When two instances were opened with the same eBook, the second instance showed no data.
  • Recent files and pinned files: the lists are now faster and fix a problem, that Help+Manual sometimes forgot the last edited topic, when re-opening an recent file.
  • Edit table dialog: when activating the radio button “Size table manually” and changing the unit from “Percent” to “Pixel” the value “width” remained at 100 instead of displaying the correct (fixed) width in pixels.
  • When changing the name of a merged project (instead of deleting and re-inserting it), an error occurred.
  • Project Synchronize: user defined variables, topic status and custom builds are now synchronized.
  • PDF Manual Designer: the “Tables” section now supports page breaks. Display glitch fixed: when zoom was > 100%, images were not correctly scaled.
  • PDF: external file links to other PDF files are generally opened in a new window/tab
  • PDF export with double-run (required if the “total pages” variable is used in the manual template): <HMFIGCOUNTER+> references were wrong.
  • PDF: a new option to print links with a specified color but optionally no underline has been implemented in Configuration > Publishing > PDF Layout

  • PDF export with IFDEFs and manual page breaks: if the page break was right before an IF tag, the page break was unintentionally removed.
  • PDF: when exporting selected TOC items only, snippets placed on manual pages were not found if not included as topic.
  • PDF and Print: bug fix for Xplains printed as grid, when the presentation was inserted on a new line as part of a bullet point.
  • Link lists: if a link list object was the very first item in a topic, this could have triggered a publishing error in some cases.
  • SVG problem fixed: if an SVG image defined no text color, the color “null” was used and therefore produced invisible text. The color now defaults to black.
  • Error with undo fixed: when inserting a new table, entering text and performing multiple undo operations with ALT+BACKSPACE, the editor triggered an error when the newly inserted table got removed.


Help+Manual 8.2.0 is available from our download page:

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