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Premium Pack 4.3.0 Update: SharePoint Embedding

We have just updated Premium Pack 4 to version 4.3, with a couple of major improvements and some minor fixes and fine-tuning.

SharePoint embedding

The main change in this update is support for embedding WebHelp in SharePoint using the V3 and V4 skins. SharePoint administrators can now host WebHelp created with these skins on SharePoint site pages. This will also work on the SharePoint iOS and Android apps on tablets and smartphones. See Embedding in MS SharePoint in the Premium Pack documentation for details and instructions.

How to get the Premium Pack update

You can download and install the updated version with the download link and personal installation password you received when you purchased. If you no longer have these details please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 4 and visit our online store to purchase if you do not yet have it.

Main changes and new features

The main change in this otherwise minor update is support for hosting and embedding WebHelp on SharePoint sites. In addition to this, we have added a large number of minor improvements and fine-tuning to both the Toolbox configuration and power tools utility and the skins.

Web-based Premium Pack documentation

The web-based version of the Premium Pack documentation is now available with secure https:// access:

Premium Pack 4 Documentation

Toolbox changes

  • Copy Config to New Skin:
    This function has been updated to be more efficient. All the different setting options now display what is going to be copied in advanced. There are now separate settings for updating style and color variables. Some of the mail feedback feature texts were classed as settings and this has been corrected.
  • Protection for baggage files:
    Toolbox will now not allow replacement of baggage files that are already open for editing (uncompressed HMXP and HMXR projects) or if an editing session has been started (compressed HMXZ and HMSKIN projects). This caused errors if it was attempted.
  • Check for multiple copies of the same variable:
    Toolbox now checks all skins and projects for multiple copies of the same variable added by manual editing of the XML project file.
  • Spurious warnings about deleted files:
    Unnecessary warnings about deleted cache files were sometimes displayed when editing baggage files.

All WebHelp Skins

  • Automatic border on embedding:
    An automatic border is now added around the entire page by default when the WebHelp is embedded. This can be turned off with the new OPT_EMBEDDED_BORDER Skin Options setting in Toolbox.
  • Disable header controls:
    A new Skin Options setting allows you to completely disable the show/hide page header controls. You can then set the help to start with the header either open or closed to have it permanently enabled or disabled.
  • Links to anchors in deep nested toggles:
    This now works better in all skins.
  • Search includes current topic:
    If search results of a new search include the currently open topic the search hits are now also highlighted in the current topic.
  • Remember header state on reload:
    Remembering the page header open/closed state on reloading the page in the browser didn’t work in some skins.
  • Mail feedback:
    Hyperlinks to the topic referenced by the user now also work if the URL of the topic contains spaces or other escaped characters.
  • Default topic inside a chapter:
    The Top link in the topic header did not work correctly if the default topic was inside a chapter and the Top link was set to link to the default topic instead of the parent chapter.

Advanced Compact TOC and Advanced Full TOC skins

  • Scroll to first search hit:
    Automatic scrolling of the page to the first search hit was not precise enough in some situations.

V3 WebHelp and V3 eWriter skins

  • New Up/Down button:
    An Up/Down button for opening and closing the page header has been added to the splitter area between the navigation and topic panes. This matches the new V4 skins and is more accessible than just the option in the Hamburger Menu.

V2 WebHelp and CHM skins

  • Scroll toggle into view:
    Dropdown toggles now scroll up into view automatically when they are opened. This is the same functionality that is already available in the V3 and V4 skins, which has now been ported to V2 WebHelp and the CHM skins. Note that this is only supported in topics with headers.
  • Automatic Auto-TOC icon display:
    Instead of being grayed out, the Auto-TOC icon is now hidden automatically if the current topic does not contain any Auto-TOC entries.

CHM skins

  • Adjustment of topic position:
    The position of the topic pane has been adjusted slightly so that the top scroll bar icon is no longer partially hidden.

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