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New Help+Manual Full-Service Reseller for Switzerland

Naef Learning offers sales combined with training and localized documentation in Switzerland

EC Software is delighted to welcome Naef Learning, our new full-service reseller for the Swiss market. In addition to selling the full range of EC Software products, Naef Learning backs this up with extensive support, training and maintenance services, plus documentation in German.

Services include:

  • License sales
  • Training, both for team leaders and team members
  • Individually customized workshops for best software use
  • Support in German, including German documentation

Naef Learning was founded by Harry Naef, experienced documentation author and Help+Manual user. He’s unequivocal when it comes to why he chose it as his documentation tool:

Harry Naef“Help+Manual made sense for me from the moment I first tried it out. It lets me compose and edit my text with all the normal functions of a word processor, never having to enter anything more than once. Then with just a couple of clicks I can turn it into a compiled Microsoft HTML Help file, WebHelp for deployment online, a fully-formatted PDF file or even eBooks for the Apple iPad and other tablets. Plus, producing different versions of the same content with different layout and branding couldn’t be easier. What’s not to like?”

Harry has now combined his love of Help+Manual with his documentation authoring experience to create a uniquely broad reseller platform. We expect his high-quality combination of license sales, support and both standard and customized training programs to be very popular with our Swiss Help+Manual customers and users.

Contact information:

Naef Learning

+41 41 501 99 88
+41 76 819 99 88

Naef Learning


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