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Help+Manual v8.4.3 Maintenance Update

We are glad to announce a maintenance update for Help+Manual 8.4. If you are using version 8 already and your maintenance plan includes updates until February 4, 2022, just download the setup and run it to update your current installation.

Changes in 8.4.3 Build 5940

  • SVG images: loading of SVG images with embedded base64-encoded image data is now faster. Bugfix for images with base64-encoded embedded data that was split into junks.
  • Screen Capture tool: optical glitches fixed in screen capture UI, when Windows UI style was set to “classic” Win2000 style (this causes Windows to switch off Aero and transparent drawing, which parts of the UI have relied on).
  • The color dialogs for table color and font/background color were changed to a new dialog that supports an entry box for HTML-style color codes.

Bug fixes

  • Copy topics/TOC entries: when topics copied from another project were tagged with build tags not present in the target project, H&M asked to extend the list of build tags. This extension went wrong and the custom build list got damaged.
  • eWriter Export: icon file could not be updated when the output file was an executable (.exe).


Help+Manual 8.4.3 is available from our download page:

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