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Help+Manual 9.3 supports Ziphelp

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of Help+Manual 9.3.

This maintenance update implements Ziphelp support for the HTML5/Webhelp output. Furthermore, it includes the recently released eWriter Viewer 4.0.

Ziphelp is basically HTML5 in a zip archive with an additional Ziphelp sitemap. You can enable Ziphelp sitemap support by checking the corresponding option in the HTML5/Webhelp publishing configuration:


Ziphelp support in Help+Manual


New features and changes in Help+Manual 9.3

  • HTML5/Webhelp output with Ziphelp support
  • eWriter Viewer 4.0 included
  • HelpXplain command line compiler: before exporting an Xplain, the compiler checks if source file and output have the same time stamp and skips compiliation if they are equal. This speeds up compilation of projects that contain several Xplains.
  • Import Word/RTF: new import option added Use topic heading as ID (ignores the typical “refXXXXX” references from Word and replaces them with auto-generated IDs from the topic heading).
  • Import HTML Help/CHM: new import option added Import text-popups as standard topics.
  • OLE MathType objects were (no longer) transparent when exported to HTML. This bug was introduced with version 9.2 in August.

Build-Update 6582 (Oct 26, 2023)

  • The Ziphelp option for HTML5/Webhelp output was “on” by default and could not be changed. This build update changes the default for Ziphelp to “off”.



All updates are available from our download page.

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