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Sneak Preview: What’s Coming in February

For the last one and a half months, we stayed relatively quiet with news and software updates. That was the season, of course. Actually, it wasn’t so much a holiday season for us, but more a development season.

What’s Coming in February?

We are going to release a maintenance update for Help+Manual with several minor improvements, in particular an updated Confluence import. And with full support for the mysterious SNIPX image format, that you might have seen already in version 9.4.

SnipX belongs to SnipSVG, our new screen capture and image editing tool. SnipSVG is a replacement for the image editor Impict, which has been included in Help+Manual for almost two decades. SnipSVG does everything that Impict ever could do, and a lot more. (Before you ask: yes, it can convert IPP images into its new vector format.)

SnipSVG Windows User Interface
SnipSVG Windows User Interface


Where can you download SnipSVG?

SnipSVG is not officially released yet, please stay tuned!

However, for those of you brave enough to try a beta version with some rough edges, take a look at this link.

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