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Get a Picture of SnipSVG!

We are glad to announce the official release of SnipSVG, our new free screen capture and image editing tool for Windows and macOS!

SnipSVG uses SVG vector images as its primary format. SVG images can be used directly in HTML and many other applications. They give you the same sharp quality at all zoom settings, and unlike JPG or PNG images you can always edit all the elements of the image separately.

SnipSVG for Windows and macOS
SnipSVG for Windows and macOS

More about SnipSVG


SnipSVG at a glance

  • Use on Mac and Windows. Copy between the two when running Windows in a virtual machine.
  • Unique screenshot capabilities on the Windows version. Make additive screenshots with diverse components in a single operation.
  • Works hand-in-hand with Help+Manual (see below).
  • Scores of shapes, arrows and highlighters. Apply shapes to images and rounded corners to screenshots.
  • Number the steps in your images with auto-incrementing numbering tags.
  • Single-click styling for elements with multiple themes and variants.
  • Hide sensitive information in your screenshots with pixelate and blur.
  • Effects for selected areas include magnifying glass, skew, sharpen, plus drawing and paint effects.
  • Share your pictures with other applications fast as files and by copying, also between Mac and Windows.

Using SnipSVG with Help+Manual

SnipSVG is already tightly integrated into Help+Manual and is designed as a replacement for the old image editor Impict. H+M version 9.4.1 understands the native .SNIPX file format, so you can use this image format in topics as you can use Impict’s .IPP file format. Older versions of Help+Manual can still use SVG and PNG images created by SnipSVG. By the way, SnipSVG is able to open .IPP images and convert them into its new vector format.

For detailed information about SnipSVG and Help+Manual, please refer to this documentation page. Here is a quick getting-started guide:

  1. Download and install SnipSVG for Windows
  2. Get the latest update to Help+Manual 9.4.1
  3. If you are using HelpXplain on the same computer, please update to HelpXplain version 1.8.1 (HelpXplain is not required, but if installed, please update to 1.8.1)
  4. Open Help+Manual and click “Program Options“, choose SnipSVG as the default image editor:
    SnipSVG as default image editor
  5. Now you are ready to go:



Please download SnipSVG from the SnipSVG homepage.



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