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Reminder: Google Analytics switches off “UA” version

On July 1, 2024, Google Analytics 4 will have fully replaced the old “Universal Analytics”.

From that date, Google will begin turning off all Universal Analytics services and Universal Analytics APIs, which means Universal Analytics properties will be inaccessible through the Google Analytics front-end and APIs.

If you are using Google Analytics in Help+Manual’s and haven’t migrated to Google Analytics 4,  it’s time for a change, because the old version will stop working on July 1.

How to find out the version you are using

  • Start Help+Manual 9 and open a project
  • Click Configuration > Publishing > Webhelp > Google Analytics
  • Make sure it’s switched to Google Analytics 4
  • The tracking ID has the format G-xxxxxxxxxx (format UA-xxxxxxx-x is the old UA version)
  • If a change is due, please refer to our online help for more information


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