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SnipSVG and HelpXplain Updated

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of SnipSVG 1.3 and an updated version of HelpXplain.

SnipSVG got new object alignment functions (similar to HelpXplain, which already had them for quite a while) and both apps implement improved clipboard handling: when copying images to the clipboard, some programs (Microsoft Outlook, for instance) do not place the actual image on the clipboard, but a HTML fragment with an embedded picture. Both, SnipSVG and HelpXplain can now read and paste this format.

In SnipSVG, we have implemented a list of default sizes for social media postings. This app is ideal to create this kind of images, but you had to know the typical sizes by heart. The new helper function sets the picture frame to a dedicated size, so that your social media postings look perfect.

As a result of a dedicated picture frame size, we realized that it would be a good idea to implement object alignment functions. Normally, you move objects around and resize them as you like, then simply auto-size the picture frame. For a dedicated frame size, however, it is helpful to have the reverse option and move/resize objects to the picture frame. The six new arrangement options are implemented in the Edit > Arrange menu.


SnipSVG 1.3

  • Can paste images from clipboard in HTML format
  • Share to clipboard as PNG: if the picture had a transparent background, the PNG image on the clipboard was misinterpreted by some programs (resulting in a black background, not transparent)
  • Share to HTML/RTF: when sharing an image with numbering tags, the numbering table used wrong symbols for tags > 10.
  • Default sizes for social media postings implemented next to the picture width/height settings.
  • Object alignment functions added in Edit > Arrange.

HelpXplain 1.8.3

  • Can paste images from clipboard in HTML format
  • (Object alignment functions were already implemented in earlier versions)


All updates are available from our download page.


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