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eWriter 2.0 released

eWriter is a converter application to turn HTML pages into a self-contained Windows executable or eBook. This output format is integrated into Help+Manual as well (and will soon become available in HelpXplain). The eWriter converter application is the free stand-alone version.

Redesigned Runtime Viewer

The viewer for eWriter eBooks is now a stand-alone app. We have completely rebuilt the viewer app with this version and made it (optionally) available as a separate installer. The viewer looks more modern, but more important is the new code base which it is built on: it is more or less platform-independent.

The eWriter Viewer app is currently available in 32 and 64 bit versions, and it is listed in the Microsoft Store:

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Premium Pack 3.47 Maintenance Update

We are happy to announce the release of version 3.47 of the Help+Manual Premium Pack add-on. This is a minor maintenance update. It includes fixes for the issues described below in the V3 skins and the Toolbox utility. All other skins remain unchanged.

How to Get the Premium Pack Update:

You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase.

V3 WebHelp and eWriter Skins

  • Anchors with keywords: Selecting anchors with keywords in the keyword index caused a JavaScript error and did not open a toggle associated with the anchor. This was a side-effect of the Google Analytics query feature added in 3.46.
  • Non-server mode: The optional q=search+term addition to the URL for Google Analytics for search and keyword index clicks added in 3.46 is now automatically disabled when V3 WebHelp is accessed without a web server. This caused errors in non-server mode and cannot be used there anyway.
  • Non-server mode: In some cases the use of a file name other than index.html for the main WebHelp file caused errors when viewing V3 WebHelp without a web server. This has been corrected, but use of index.html is still strongly recommended.
  • Search highlighting: In some configurations search terms were not correctly highlighted in the found topic pages.
  • Popups: Popups can now also be closed with the ESC key.
  • Popups: The title font from the popup title bar is no longer applied to the entire popup (the main font from the project is used).
  • Popups: Automatic positioning and sizing of popups have been improved.
  • Port reference in permalinks: The port reference is now included in permalinks if the web server is not running on the standard port 80.

Toolbox Utility

  • Editing warnings: Additional checks and warnings have been implemented to help prevent simultaneous editing of skins and projects in Help+Manual and Toolbox.
  • Non-active options: The program would exit if the user tried to activate a non-active option without first setting a value for the option (e.g. in HTML Options or Project Options).
  • Add Build Option: The Add Build Option tool in the Edit menu was not active in projects that did not yet have any build options defined.
  • Delete user-defined variable: Deleting the last user-defined variable in a skin or project did not refresh the variables list and the deleted variable was still displayed.

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Help+Manual 7.4.2 Update

We are proud to anncounce the immediate availability of Help+Manual 7.4.2. This update ships with several small improvements including:

  • Text-to-table function implemented: if you select existing tabbed text in a topic and click Insert Table, it will convert the tabbed text into a table.
  • Conditional text: if IFDEF statements were used in text, in particular in tables, a long list of IFDEF options resulted in relatively wide condition tags. The display size of the condition tags has been restricted, a mouse-over hint shows the full list of conditions.
  • Images hotspots dialog: entry field for topic ID permits editing (copy and paste)
  • Topic editor context menu: when the context menu was opened with the keyboard (e.g. SHIFT+F10), it had some glitches with tables and with the spell checker.
  • Topic editor: the scaling message for small images has been improved, it displays % only, no text.
  • High resolution displays: problems fixed for OLE objects and embedded images (PDF/HTML/DOC export)
  • Double quotation marks could be entered in topic IDs, though they are not valid for file names.
  • Task publishing: when creating eWriter eBooks with a publishing task, the specified skin was not used.
  • Insert horizontal line: when specifying a custom style, the line not use the specified line height, but rather used the default.
  • Spelling checker: support for the latest update of the Spanish OXT dictionary implemented


Please download the update to Help+Manual 7.4.2 from our download page and install over your existing installation of Help+Manual.

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HelpXplain Animated Infographics Beta Program

Try out HelpXplain now by joining the beta program

HelpXplain is an exciting new program from EC Software that takes the pain out of making HowTo tutorials and other animated infographics for the web. You can see some examples and join the beta program here:

HelpXplain takes the pain out of making HowTo tutorials

HelpXplain can make a whole range of different web-based infographics, but for documentation authors its ability to make animated HowTo tutorials is nothing short of revolutionary. Instead of trying to get every step of a “performance” right you just make a series of screenshots that the program then links together in an editable screencast with an animated, editable mouse cursor. Let me put what this means this into perspective from the point of view of a documentation author.

From typewriter to word processor

I’ve been working with HelpXplain for a while now while writing the help for it. For me as a help author there is one aspect of it that stands out from all the others. It reminds me of the huge aha experience I had the very first time I saw a word processor. The one thought I had was: “I am never going to have to retype anything ever again.” That was huge. For writers of all kinds, it is still 99.9% percent of the benefit of using a word processor instead of a typewriter. Everything else that modern writing tools do is nice to have, but all those additional functions are still nothing compared to the ability to edit and change your text without retyping everything.

From video screencasts to HelpXplain

HelpXplain is the first time that I have had a similar experience as a documentation author. It is really comparable. Like everyone else, I experimented with using video screencast tools like Camtasia and Captivate. Like everyone else outside of very large, very rich companies, I abandoned them very quickly. They only make sense if you have a huge amount of time to work on little video tutorials, and if someone is willing to pay you a reasonable hourly rate for that time. Both of those things are simply unrealistic expectations for most technical writers working in today’s market. It just doesn’t happen. You’re not going to have that much time to work on a tutorial, and even if you do nobody is going to pay you for it.

Video: When you had to do it just right

But that’s not the only problem with video screencast tools: They are very stressful and thus unpleasant to work with, because you have to get everything right. If you make a mistake while making the video you have to start again. And again. And again. And again. And if you ever need to add something you have to remake the entire screencast. Again. I found this so unpleasant that I would do pretty much anything to avoid having to make video tutorials even if I did have the time and reasonable payment for them. To be honest, I would probably even pay to not have to make them.

HelpXplain: Work at your own speed, correct later at leisure

That is why HelpXplain is such a revelation for me, personally, quite separate from the fact that this is an EC Software product. Once you get the hang of it, making little HowTo tutorials is literally as easy as making a series of screenshots — which is what we are doing anyway. And it is completely stress-free: I don’t have to get my timing right and I don’t have to worry about needing to set up everything right. Between screenshots I can take my time to make any changes I want in the program. And not only that: If I ever need to change or add something I can do that at any time, without having to redo the whole thing.

HelpXplain New Dialog

There is no doubt that making tutorials with HelpXplain is radically faster and more pleasant than struggling with a video screencast tool. In fact, for myself, I could say that it is infinitely faster, because with HelpXplain I am actually making the tutorials, whereas with video screencast tools I wouldn’t be making them at all. Not in the real world.

HelpXplain can do a lot more. But if you’re a documentation author, taking the pain out of making HowTo tutorials for documentation simply makes it a must-have.

Tim Green

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eWriter 1.2 released – Free HTML-to-eBook Converter

eWriter is a converter application to turn HTML pages into a self-contained Windows executable. This output format is completely integrated into Help+Manual as eWriter eBooks. The eWriter converter application is the free stand-alone version.

About eWriter

eWriter creates portable websites in a single compact Windows file with an integrated server and viewer. eWriter “books” can be viewed on any Windows device, even on old and outdated versions of Windows. They support direct contextual references from your applications to display specific pages and to scroll to anchors on your pages. Unlike a normal website, repeated calls to an eWriter book will all open in the same window.

How to create an eBook with eWriter

This version 1.2 update now includes the option to create data-only eBooks that can be opened with a separate viewer – similar to the functionality in Help+Manual.


You can download eWriter stand-alone edition directly from our website:



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Premium Pack 3.45 Update

Version 3.45 of the Help+Manual Premium Pack add-on adds a new set of V3 WebHelp and EWriter skins using the popular Samurai Red color theme and corrects some minor issues.

How to Get the Premium Pack Update:

You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase.

New Samurai Red Skins

[showhide type=”newskins” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]

The Samurai Red color scheme in the older V2 skins was so popular that many users have asked to have a version of it in the new V3 skins. We have now complied and provided a total of six new V3 Samurai Red skins, with Boxed, Flat and Minimalist versions for both WebHelp and EWriter. Matching tablet and phone modes are included in all three WebHelp skin variants, of course.


Changes and Fixes

[showhide type=”updated” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]

  • V3 skins: The social sharing option did not always disable in phone mode when it was turned off.
  • V3 skins: A change in the Safari browser on Mac computers prevented V3 WebHelp from working correctly in local mode without a web server.
  • V3 skins: If the topic title contained an ampersand character (&) it was displayed as & in the browser tab title.
  • V3 skins: In embedded/field-level topics and popups a dummy page title text was sometimes visible briefly on slower servers.
  • V2 skins: Web links to secure pages (https) did not automatically open in a new tab when this was configured. This now works correctly for links starting with http://, https:// and //.
  • V2 skins: If the topic title contained an ampersand character (&) it was displayed as & in the tooltip for the internal topic tabs in the page.


More information

See the Premium Pack information page for general details and purchase information and the Premium Pack web-based documentation for full instructions.

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Premium Pack 3.42/3.43 Maintenance Update

Versions 3.42/3.43 of the Help+Manual Premium Pack add-on is primarily a maintenance update. It is recommended for all Premium Pack users because it corrects several small but potentially annoying issues.

How to Get the Premium Pack Update:

You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase.

3.43 Additional Corrections

[showhide type=”updated” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]

  • Incorrect comma-separated skip words in search options (Skins and Toolbox)
    Due to an old bug in Help+Manual itself, some skins contained comma-separated excluded words in the search settings. The WebHelp indexer ignored these skip words. This has been corrected to space separated in all skins. Toolbox will now automatically check for and correct this setting when any skin or Help+Manual project is opened.
  • Popup help window was exclusive (Toolbox)
    An error in 3.42 made the popup help window for settings exclusive so that you needed to close it to move to another setting.
  • Editor not found check (Toolbox)
    Toolbox now checks whether your selected editors for code files and graphics have become unavailable before using them.
  • Configuration variable validity checking (Toolbox)
    The performance of the validity checks for non Premium Pack settings and non-configured settings has been improved.
  • WebHelp templates in CHM skins (V2 CHM skins)
    The unnecessary WebHelp templates have been disabled in the CHM skins so that they can no longer be accidentally selected in Toolbox.


V3 Skins Maintenance Update

[showhide type=”fixes” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]

  • Add/Remove Topic ID Prefixes function (Toolbox)
    In some cases, the Add/Remove Topic ID Prefixes function would hang and fail to complete, particularly with older projects. This has been corrected. The function now also aborts with a warning if a topic containing invalid XML code is encountered and checks whether duplicate topic IDs would be created when removing topic ID prefixes.
  • Configuration help window too far on top (Toolbox)
    The popup help window for variable configuration etc. was displayed on top of all programs on the Windows screen. It is now only on top of Toolbox itself.
  • Variables to adjust navigation tab positions (V3 skins)
    The V3 skins now have new variables in the TOC, Index and Search section which allow you to fine-adjust the vertical position of the navigation tabs. This can be necessary if you change the base font of your project, which can change the physical size of the relative rems units used in the layout.
  • Bug in Edge browser when viewing WebHelp without a web server (V3 WebHelp skins)
    The V3 WebHelp skins allow you to view WebHelp locally, without a web server. This was not possible in the new Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 due to a bug in Edge. A workaround has now been added to deal with this bug.
  • Scrolling to anchors (V3 skins)
    The scroll position of an external link targeting an anchor could be wrong if the width of the navigation pane had been previously changed by the user, or if the help window was narrow enough so that the navigation pane overlaps the topic pane. Scrolling now waits for completion of topic positioning.
  • Multiple clicks on keyword index entries and search results (V3 skins)
    A second click on a keyword index or search results topic link caused the breadcrumb trail to change to >No TOC entry for this topic<. This was a side-effect of another recent correction.
  • Multiple clicks on search results – visual side-effects (V3 skins)
    In some cases, multiple clicks on the same search results topic link could make part of the breadcrumb navigation to become progressively more transparent and less legible. Another side effect of this was that it was sometimes necessary to click twice on a search result to display highlights on the found search terms in the topic.
  • Overlapping TOC scrollbar (V3 skins)
    In the EWriter skins and in the WebHelp skins when displayed in Internet Explorer the vertical scrollbar in the table of contents and the keyword index panes sometimes overlapped its border slightly at the top and bottom.
  • JavaScript warning in search results (V3 skins)
    In some configurations it was possible for the warning text that JavaScript must be on to view the help to be displayed in the context excerpt text for topics in the search results.
  • Opening toggles for search results (CHM skins)
    A change in Windows stopped toggles on the page from opening to show the highlighted search items in CHM files when jumping to a topic from the CHM search results.


Extended support for the full version of the Zoom web search indexer

[showhide type=”zoomsupport” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]If you are using the full version of the Zoom web indexer from Wrensoft instead of the integrated version included with Help+Manual you can now use the advanced features listed below with both the V3 skins and the V2 WebHelp skins. In addition to this the layout of the search pages in all skins has been reworked and improved.

With the exception of thumbnail images these features are also supported in Help+Manual’s standard skins, but just “as is”. They have now been explicitly integrated in the layout of the V2 and V3 WebHelp skins, where some of them did not appear correctly before because of the customized layouts.

  • Thumbnail images
    You can associate images with individual topics to be displayed as a thumbnail next to the topic listing in the search results. This needs to be configured in your project to associate images with your topics. See the V3 WebHelp skins and the V2 WebHelp skins topics for instructions.
  • Autocomplete
    The full version of Zoom features an autocomplete feature that shows a list of terms included in the help as the user is typing in the search box.
  • Categories
    You can assign categories to your topics and search will then allow you to filter your search results by these categories.
  • Date range search
    Restrict the search results to topics with dates falling within a specific range (desktop browsers only).
  • Recommended links
    Display predefined links to external web pages for specific search keywords, optionally with a thumbnail image sourced from the web page.
  • Search optimization
    Further enhance your search results with weighting, filtering, synonyms, recommended links


More information

See the Premium Pack information page for general details and purchase information and the Premium Pack web-based documentation for full instructions.

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Premium Pack 3.40 — SVG Icons Edition

This update to the Help+Manual Premium Pack add-on adds replaceable SVG sprite icons to the user interface. It also adds a few refinements to the V3 skins and the Toolbox utility, tidies up some of the CSS and squashes a couple of small bugs (crunch crunch crunch). It is a recommended update for all Premium Pack users.

How to Get the Premium Pack Update:

[showhide type=”howtoget” more_text=”Click for instructions” less_text=”Click to hide”]You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase.[/showhide]

SVG Sprite Icons

[showhide type=”svgsprites” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]We have replaced the font icons in the V3 skins (WebHelp and EWriter) with SVG sprites. This eliminates problems some people had when working on systems configured to block font downloads.

Windows is a little retarded in this respect, it even regards local font files as font downloads. This significantly reduces the overheads for the icons, reducing the number of files that need to be loaded for the icons on page load to zero.

We have also replaced the PNG icons in the TOC with SVG icons, which are a lot sharper and more flexible. See Using Your Own Icons for details.

Simple SVG icons can consist of just a few bytes instead of tens of kilobytes or more. In addition to this you can pack a whole set of SVG icons into a single file called an SVG sprite that can then be integrated directly in the web page. This makes them much more efficient, since no external files need to be loaded. Furthermore, unlike normal graphics files or even discrete SVG files, SVG sprites can be styled with normal CSS, just like HTML text.

Making this switch was a major project. Although everything looks pretty much the same after this change performance is improved, icons are generally sharper and the number of http requests that need to be made on each page load has been significantly reduced. It also eliminates an annoying problem, so that it is no longer possible for font download blocking to stop correct icon display.[/showhide]

V3 Skins Maintenance Update

[showhide type=”v3maintenance” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]

  • Featured image improvements
    You can now choose whether the description for the featured image is displayed at the top or bottom of the image. Bottom is now the default. You can also set the font and font size for the description, and clicking on the image in the browser hides or shows the description. See Help+Manual Featured Images for instructions and Featured Images in the variables reference for a list of the configuration variables.
  • JavaScript deactivation warning
    If a user attempts to access V3 WebHelp or EWriter with JavaScript disabled a plain warning screen is now displayed instead of a broken web page.
  • Current topic or project option for browser title bar
    You can now configure whether the current topic, the project name or both are shown in the browser title bar and Windows taskbar in the WebHelp skins (not applicable for EWriter). This is configured with the new TITLEBAR_CONTENT variable in the General Settings variables group.
  • Errors in updating of breadcrumb navigation links
    In some cases since version 3.35 the links in the breadcrumb navigation were not updated correctly. This was a side-effect of the new “No TOC entry for this topic” message displayed for topics not in the TOC.
  • Project reference in mail feedback form in EWriter:
    The EWriter skins incorrectly included a localhost URL to the project inside the EWriter viewer in the mail generated by the mail feedback option.
  • CSS fine tuning
    While switching to the SVG icons we took the opportunity to fine-tune a lot of the CSS in desktop, tablet and phone modes. The changes are subtle but the general appearance is now better.


Toolbox utility maintenance update

[showhide type=”tbmaintenance” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]

  • // instead of http:// or https:// permitted in URL variables
    All URL variables now allow you to enter just // instead of http:// or https:// as the prefix for the URL. Using // works correctly automatically in both https:// and http:// pages, so that you don’t need to check.
  • Refresh after deleting baggage files
    The baggage files list table was not refreshed correctly after deleting baggage files in Toolbox (the deleted file was still shown in the list).
  • Export baggage files
    The Baggage Files section now has a function that allows you to export a selected baggage file, enabling you to save a copy of it somewhere else.
  • Normalize styles: protect imported styles
    The Normalize Project Styles function for the entire project has a new option that allows you to protect imported styles that have not yet been added to the project stylesheet. This makes it possible to normalize the entire project without having to process the imported styles first.
  • Graphics editors with .EXE instead of .exe extension
    If you selected a graphics editor with an upper case .EXE extension in the preferences, Toolbox failed to open it, claiming that it was not a valid executable file.


More information

See the Premium Pack information page for general details and purchase information and the Premium Pack web-based documentation for full instructions.

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A great example of integrated WebHelp from Scooter Software

We recently worked with Scooter Software to better integrate their online help into their website.

Scooter makes BeyondCompare, the best multi-file comparison tool on the market. We use BeyondCompare ourselves to synchronize and merge source code changes and Scooter uses Help+Manual for producing their own documentation.

A WebHelp version of BeyondCompare’s documentation is also available online. The old version didn’t match their beautiful Steampunk theme, which we really love. That was a pity, because Help+Manual is extremely powerful when it comes to embedding help content into your website.

This has changed in their gorgeous new version, however: Starting with a draft of a new WebHelp skin that matches the design of their web pages, the web designers at Scooter then fine-tuned the skin and fully integrated it in the host pages. The result is a beautiful example of what is possible with Help+Manual with just a little extra tweaking:

Scooter Software Webhelp



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Help+Manual 7.2 Maintenance Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 7.2 ! After v7.1 earlier this year, this update is another big “minor” update that is free for all 7.xx users. Plus, there is an important update for the Premium Pack to version 3.20!

XSS vulnerability in Webhelp fixed

Version 7.2 fixes an XSS vulnerability in Help+Manual’s Webhelp output (standard skins only). It was possible to inject arbitrary Javascript commands by creating a fake url that pointed to a Webhelp system. Premium Pack skins were not affected by this problem. We strongly recommend to update your version and re-publish any Webhelp output that is placed on a public web server.

New features and modifications

  • The Keyword Index Tool (available in Pro/Server only) has an XML export and import function.
  • PDF/manual designer: the options page for the PDF keyword index contains a new setting “Avoid duplicate page numbers in Index”. This option is on by default and will avoid printing the same page number multiple times if the same keyword occurs in two or more consecutive topics that happen to start on the same PDF page.
  • Program Options: configuration setting for temporary compiler files (CHM, eBooks) implemented. This can improve compilation speed when the help project is located on a server share with a slow connection.
  • Projects saved in Dropbox are now permitted (uncompressed HMXP projects are opened read-only, compressed HMXZ projects are editable with warning).
  • Webhelp/CHM/eBooks: when doing a HTML-based export, H&M checks for duplicate IDs (anchors, image, table, toggle, videos) and reports a duplicate ID in the compiler log. Also implemented: <p> tags with “Normal” style now have a dedicated class name.
  • Project Report / Styles Report: this report always reported code examples as individually formatted text (they of course are). Now, the “Code Example” style is reported as individual formatting only if there are more changes than font color and font style (bold/italic/underline). Other styles are reported as individual formatting if there are more changes than just the font style (bold/italic/underline).
  • Improved multí-monitor handling: Dialog windows are positioned relative to the main window – this improves multiple instances on different monitors. Please note that after the switch to version 7.2, the initial dialog window positions might be wrong on your computer because of this change. This automatically fixes itself when the dialog windows are repositioned.
  • Replace images with copy & paste: when the editor selection marks exactly 1 image or toggle image and you hit CTRL+V or click Paste, H&M asks to replace the picture and saves it under the original file name. This makes it easier to update screenshots with copy & paste, for all properties of the image (caption, zoom, tags, hotspots, etc) are kept intact.
  • Spelling check: updated format of OpenOffice 4 spell checker dictionaries is supported.
  • Topic options: the drop-down field for the topic anchor (available for TOC items) can now be manually edited, it is possible to enter a non-existing anchor. If a TOC entry points to a non-existing anchor, the topic anchor field shows a red background to indicate the missing anchor.
  • PDF/print: word break options for slashes and backslashes / \ were changed – the slash and backslash does no longer permit a break after. Example: this line does/not break after “does/”.
  • ePUB cover images: IPP images are now supported as ePUB cover images. If an IPP image contains text objects (text, callouts, buttons) with variables, the variables are replaced and the image is repainted before it gets exported.
  • TidyXML: the XML topic parser is prepared for reading a more compact and more translation-friendly XML format that we are going to implement in the next update after 7.2. More on this new feature in a later post on this blog!
  • Windows EXE eBooks: plenty of new features!

New features in EWriter eBooks

H&M’s output format “EWriter eBooks” (self-executable eBooks for Windows) is getting more and more popular as a replacement format for CHM files. We have implemented new features to make it more flexible:

  • Separate viewer and data files: Help+Manual can optionally output the eBook data and the executable viewer separately. If a help system consists of several books, this saves space and makes it easier to update the data.
  • The eBook viewer has larger menu button and larger icons for systems with 120, 144 and 192 dpi. The buttons switch automatically on high-resolution monitors.
  • New shortcut: CTRL+0 changes zoom back to 100%.
  • The default extension for topic file names was always “.htm”. Now the eBooks take the default extension from the Webhelp configuration.
  • eBook menu configuration: when entering a new entry and changing it to “Menu Divider”, the entry kept its previous caption, which resulted in a menu text in the final EXE eBook, not a divider.

Bug fixes

  • Webhelp standard skins: XXS vulnerability fixed
  • Find & Replace: partial replacement of images names could run into an endless loop.
  • PDF: page referrer icons were too large on Windows systems > 96 dpi. Furthermore, the page icon is now tied to the preceeding text link and cannot accidentially break to a new line.
  • PDF: when a nested snippet was used inside a snippet that was placed on a hard-coded manual page, the nested snippet used style mode “Screen” and not style mode “Print”.
  • PDF, table printing: if a table with visible borders was nested within another table, the last cell border at the bottom of inner table was not painted correctly.
  • HTML (all HTML-based publishing formats): if an image with hotspots was placed on a paragraph with hanging indent, the hotspots were set off by the indent.
  • Help context numbers > 2147483647 were not exported to Webhelp and EXE eBooks.
  • Dropdown toggles: if the toggle text/heading was made up of multiple styles, parts of the toggle did not work.
  • Variables in the field <%TOPIC_DESCRIPTION%> were not resolved.
  • Team Foundation Server: H&M now saves the password.
  • Webhelp, full-text search: when compiling Webhelp from the command line with multiple instances of Help+Manual, all running at the same time, it was possible that the full-text seach index was not created.
  • SVG images: text drawing problem with overlapping text fixed.
  • Bugfix in Winhelp (.hlp) import for damaged images, that could crash the import.
  • AuthorIT import: help context numbers were wrong.

Major Premium Pack 3.2 Update

Together with Help+Manual 7.2 we have also released version 3.20 of the Premium Pack add-on. This is a major upgrade with a number of powerful new features and improvements. These include a WordPress plugin, support for Google Web Fonts, advanced support for developers and new ways of displaying tables and images on mobile devices.


Please download the update to Help+Manual 7.2 from our download page and install over your existing installation of Help+Manual.

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