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eWriter Creator Update

The free eWriter eBook compiler got a small maintenance update. This update does not introduce new features, but improves the readability for high contrast seetings.

Download the update:

eWriter with high contrast settings

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Coming soon: PDF Peer Review

You create a PDF file with Help+Manual, including your own comments, and distribute it to your colleagues for additional comments, which they add with their own PDF commenting tool.

When they return the commented PDF to you, you open it with the PDF Review Plugin in Help+Manual and it shows you all the comments side by side with the corresponding topic selected.
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Coming soon: Machine Translation in Help+Manual

Here’s another small teaser of something we’ve been working on the last couple of months:

Machine Translation

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How to bookmark topics in Help+Manual

You know, when something has been right in front of your eyes for years, it’s not always the most obvious thing. Today we got a feature request from a customer to implement a favorites list for topics. Read the rest of this entry »

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HelpXplain integration in Help+Manual

We are working on a closer integration of HelpXplain into Help+Manual. Additional print options will be available soon. How about printing all slides in a tabular order? That’s something you can’t do with a video.



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Premium Pack 3.50 Maintenance Update

This update adds some significant improvements to Google Analytics configuration and handling to the V3 WebHelp skins. It also includes some other small improvements and fixes in the V3 WebHelp skins and the Toolbox utility.

How to get the Premium Pack update

You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase if you do not yet have it.

V3 WebHelp Skins 

  • Google Analytics updated from the older gat.js system to the new analytics.js system. This should be more reliable. In addition to this you can now configure inclusion of the WebHelp path, named trackers and the titles of the search and keyword index events in your Google Analytics console. See Google Analytics in the V3 WebHelp skins chapter.
  • No Server Mode: Demo links in the header menus failed in some browsers because they used the shorthand // protocol instead of http:// or https://. Browsers have become stricter about resolving links using the shorthand protocol reference since this feature was created.
  • No Server Mode: Anchor links in the TOC and keyword index failed as an unintended result of another change in recent updates.
  • Permalink tool: The “:” colon character for the port reference was included even when the port was the standard port 80 and was not referenced. This was also caused by a change in browser behavior.
  • Smartphone mode: Tables tagged with the phone CSS class were hidden in phone mode because of changes in HM HTML output for tables. This is related to CSS for the X-Tables function that was then applied to other tables.
  • X-Tables function: Expanding rows lacked borders in some X-Tables in phone mode. This was also related to changes in Help+Manual HTML output for tables.

Toolbox utility

  • Baggage Files — Add File: After adding a Baggage File the column headers of the Baggage Files list were sometimes updated incorrectly.
  • Baggage Files — Export File: On some systems the prompt to save the baggage file could appear multiple times when exporting a baggage file.

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HelpXplain 1.2 Released

This is a maintenance and feature update for HelpXplain, which is free for all registered users. Every license of HelpXplain includes 12 months free updates, maintenance and support.

HelpXplain 1.2

The most important new feature in this version is the eWriter output format. HelpXplain now creates eWriter eBooks out of the box. An eWriter eBook is a compressed single file that can easily be copied, emailed and can be viewed with the eWriter Viewer, available as a free app in Microsoft Store.

A second important change has been made to the PDF export. It supports multiple slides per page and offers a quality setting for the slide pictures.

eWriter Export in HelpXplain
eWriter Export in HelpXplain

New PDF Options in HelpXplain
New PDF Options in HelpXplain

Other changes and bug fixes in version 1.2:

  • Screen capture bug fix: full-screen capture on secondary monitors did not work
  • Screen capture bug fix: in free region capture mode, the screen capture tool silently crashed if one single-clicked outside the selection area.
  • Bugfix: ribbon menu for fill was enabled for text objects, though text objects are always transparent
  • Spotlight objects with follow-cursor (like inserted with screencast): when a text object was placed left of the screenshot, the spotlight was in the wrong position
  • eWriter export format implemented
  • favicon.ico added to output folder (also for the eWriter output, which picks up the icon)
  • DeepL: Portuguese language supported
  • Problem with invalid fill images fixed
  • Publish Dialog: skin selection drop-down list has a scrollbar
  • Mouse-over action “Change to full opacity” was always reset
  • Improved error handling for Image Tools
  • When inserting (new) images, extra large images are physically reduced to a maxium of 3000 x 2000 px.
  • SVG images are normally exported with an <object> tag (= animated SVGs supported, but not clickable). If the SVG image has a click action, it is exported with an <img> tag (= clickable, but not animated)
  • Slide #number is no longer displayed in document title
  • Lines with a dashed stroke were rendered es solid lines in HTML
  • When the caption of a slide was being edited, pressing the DELETE key asked to delete the slide.
  • Publish as PDF / GIF / Images: an optional page scale factor makes the exported slides larger or smaller
  • Full-screen mode on secondary monitors: when HelpXplain was running full screen on a secondary monitor, it did not save the window position and reverted to the default monitor the next time it was opened.



This update is included in your maintenance plan! Please download the update and install it over your existing version.

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Premium Pack 3.49 Maintenance Update

We have just released a minor update of the Premium Pack with the improvements and fixes listed below.

How to Get the Premium Pack Update:

You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase if you do not yet have it.

V3 Skins (WebHelp and eWriter versions)

  • Search highlighting: When the topic already containing search highlighting was selected in the search results after a new search the original highlighting was not removed.
  • Google Analytics: Occasionally it was possible for the first topic visited to be tracked twice.
  • Google Analytics: Ghostery and other similarly aggressive tracking blockers will no longer cause a critical error in WebHelp. These blockers simply kill the tracking function within the Google script instead of actually blocking the outgoing tracking calls, and this disruption of the script needs to be caught so that it does not terminate all other scripts on the page as well.
  • Image toggles: In response to many requests, image toggles are now closed by clicking outside the image in desktop mode. Tablet and phone modes remain unchanged.
  • Search results: Breadcrumb trail was not displayed in the header of a topic opened from search results (side-effect of a previous search update).
  • Anchor links: Anchor links sometimes did not scroll to the target anchor on internal topic links (side-effect of previous search update).
  • TOC: If the last item in the sibling chapter before the current chapter was a sub-chapter clicking the Top button would highlight that sub-chapter instead of the actual parent chapter.
  • Android devices: Small script error in some pages corrected. This probably had no effect on performance and only showed up as a JS console message.
  • EWriter skins: Removed Android and Google Analytics code that didn’t do anything.

Toolbox utility

  • Open new project: The current project will now only be closed if you actually open another project. If you cancel, the current project remains open.
  • Save Project button: The save project button now turns green when active for better visibility.

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HelpXplain Student’s Projects: Trip to Barcelona

We recently equipped the Webdesign division of the school Instituut Sint-Maria in Antwerp, Belgium, with HelpXplain. One of the students’ first projects was a promotional website for Barcelona, created entirely with HelpXplain.

Here (drum roll!) are the first results!

We are proud and happy to share this student project with you:



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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Starts this Friday, ends next Monday!

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