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TD Startup Kit and Help+Manual

The Task

The products manufactured by CyBio AG combine technical precision with intelligent software solutions. As a market leader in high-quality liquid-handling technology, CyBio AG has very exacting standards. CyBio AG requires the same degree of quality when it comes to its printed software documentation.

The company uses Adobe FrameMaker for its technical documentation and Help+Manual for the software development side. The sophisticated corporate design requires a flexible and precise final layout.


The Solution

Fig. 1: Help+Manual, XML Interface
Fig. 1: Help+Manual, XML Interface
The TD StartUp Kit from mediaTEXT is a largely preconfigured solution for producing technical documentation with FrameMaker and XML. In order to provide CyBio with a quick and effective solution, a software documentation module was added to TD Startup Kit. The XML source files from Help+Manual are the link between the software developers and the technical documentation.

The text modules created by the software developers are preconverted and then imported directly into FrameMaker. During the import, an initial automated layout is produced using the TD Startup Kit rules. The editor then has all the usual FrameMaker options at his fingertips and can adapt the layout of the printed software documentation to achieve an individual feel.

This solution means that the same content can be used for the printed documentation as is used for online help and the electronic software documentation. The XML data in Help+Manual forms a uniform data source that is always up to date.

Fig. 2: Workflow CyBio AG
Fig. 2: Workflow CyBio AG - Help+Manual, FrameMaker, TDStartup Kit

About CyBio AG

With more than 20 years of experience, CyBio is a leading manufacturer of high quality liquid handling technologies. In the pharmaceutical and life science industries, CyBio's products enjoy the highest reputation for precision, reliability and simplicity. Moreover, CyBio's Customized Solutions Team designs, produces and installs fully automated systems tailored to our clients' application, throughput and capacity requirements.

From the CyBi®-Well pipettor to fully customized robotic systems - CyBio handles compounds, biomolecules and cells all with the utmost care and expertise.

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Solution partners

mediaTEXT Jena GmbH was founded in 1995 by former employees of Carl Zeiss. Since its launch, the company has secured a strong footing as a publishing service provider specialising in media-neutral structured data.

For industrial customers, this core competency of mediaTEXT really comes into its own for technical documentation and the automated production of catalogues and other product information.

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