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Sizing Pictures

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SnipSVG has a number of different ways to adjust the size of your pictures and the images in them. When you do this it helps to be familiar with the different components of SnipSVG pictures as well as the different resizing tools.

The canvas, the picture frame and the placeholder image/main image


The canvas

SnipSVG has a background without any borders called the "canvas". This is like your desktop – the space where you work on your images. It does not define the size of your images. It's just where you work.

The picture frame

This defines the picture that you are working on and it also defines the physical size of your picture. Everything inside it will be in your picture when you export it. Everything outside it will be clipped out of the final picture. The Picture Size settings define the size of the picture frame.

The placeholder image / main image

When you create a new empty picture it contains a "placeholder image" that you can click on to load an image from your hard disk. This is also the "main" image. All the other elements that you add, including additional images, are additions to the main image.

When you create a screenshot the screenshot image is the main image. Similarly, when you open an image directly with File > Open then that image is the main image.

The two ways to resize the main image

There are two basic approaches to resizing the main image, which will normally fill your final picture: You can resize the image itself, and then adjust the picture frame to fit it, or you can resize the image to fit the picture frame, so that the final picture has the exact dimensions of the predefined picture frame.

Method 1: Resizing the image itself and then adjusting the picture frame to fit

You can both scale the image without changing it or physically resize it to your chosen dimensions.

Select the image and drag its corners to resize.

Double-click on the image to activate crop mode, with additional functions in the sidebar on the right.

Right-click on the image and select Change Image to physically resize it.

Select Autosize in the Picture Options on the right to adjust the picture frame to your resized image.

See Scaling, Resizing & Cropping for full instructions.

Method 2: Resizing the image to fit the picture frame

Often, however you want the picture frame to define the final dimensions and aspect ratio of your picture. You can define a target picture frame size and aspect ratio and automatically scale and crop the main image to fit all in one operation.

See Scaling, Resizing & Cropping for full instructions.

1.Choose one of the predefined sizes in the drop-down menu in the Picture Size section:


2.The picture is scaled and cropped within the new picture frame dimensions. Then double-click on the image to adjust its position in the picture frame if necessary.


Tips: Restoring the image to the frame, locking the image to the frame

If you accidentally change the image so that it is no longer perfectly aligned with the image frame you can easily fix the problem with the Arrange menu. Select the image by clicking, then select Edit > Arrange > Fill Picture Frame to realign it.