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The following template types are used in Help+Manual:

Project templates:

A project template is an empty project that stores all the settings you want to use in a project, including all your Project Configuration settings, text styles, HTML templates and so on. Project templates can also include topic content that you want to use in every new project.

HTML skins:

Skins are applied when you publish to HTML-based output. They apply a complete pre-designed layout to your project with a single click. You can save and edit your own skins or used predefined ones. Skins can only be created with the Professional and Floating license versions of Help+Manual. You can use existing skins with the Basic version but you cannot save or edit your own skins.

Topic content templates:

Topic content templates are entire topics and can include everything that a topic can include. They can be loaded manually, or automatically when you create a new topic.

Print manual templates: (PDF and printed manuals)

These templates define the layout and appearance of your PDF output and printed manuals. They are created and edited with the Print Manual Designer, a separate program included with Help+Manual.

DOCX templates

These work in a similar way to PDF templates, but for Word DOCX output. They are special Word DOCX files with predefined content that Help+Manual combines with the output from your project to create a DOCX file with a predefined layout.

HTML templates:

These templates define the layout, general appearance and features of your topic pages in Help+Manual's HTML-based output formats. They are included in every project but they are generally not used there because HTML output formats are almost always published with HTML skins. Skins contain exactly the same templates. They replace the project templates when you publish with them.

The topic page templates for your topics can be viewed and edited with the Project Explorer in the Configuration > HTML Page Templates section.

The additional HTML templates for the various components of WebHelp (TOC, Index, Search, frameset) can be viewed and edited in Configuration > Publishing Options > WebHelp.