Multi-user Editing, Team Authoring

Work on your project in a team. With Help+Manual Professional, multiple authors can work on the same project at the same time. No databases or additional server components are required, though for content synchronization with external users, we recommend a version control system.

Floating licenses are the perfect solution for occasional content contributors, because these licenses can be shared among multiple users.

Help+Manual multiple users contributing

Repositories to standardize styles and content

A repository is a special Help+Manual project that you use to share styles and snippets between multiple projects. This is an excellent way to ensure that your styles are standardized across multiple projects. It is also a good way to make sure that everyone uses the same standard formatting when you are working on a project in a team.


Version Control, Remote Editing

Help+Manual's built-in multi-user editing is great for users working on the same local network (LAN). If you need to do multi-user editing remotely and offline (different geographical locations), the ideal solution is a version control system.

Store your projects in a version control system for additional security and the ability to roll back to earlier versions. Help+Manual Professional has active support for Subversion, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe compatibles. Topics are checked out of the version control database automatically when you edit them and are checked back in again when you save. Manual check-out is also available as an option, and multi-user editing is also supported in combination with version control, of course.



Translation and localization are key in today's globalized markets. Help+Manual Professional projects are 100% XML and can be translated directly by tools like SDL Trados (configuration files are included). There are no export/import or conversion hassles, no additional tools are required. The work is performed directly on your project..

When you need to update your translation, Help+Manual Translation Assitant streamlines the process by creating an updated version for the translator to work on. It compares the new original with the old translation and prepares a new project with the material that needs to be updated and translated.


Professional Toolkit Included

Help+Manual is much more than a help authoring program, it is a full suite of tools. Everything you need is included in the price, along with free support. You get a screen capture utility, a configurable source code syntax highlighter with support for 53 programming languages and custom languages, a specialized graphics editor with layers for enhancing and annotating screenshots, a QR code generator, a PDF layout editor, a report generator and more.

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Easy like a word processor, yet much more powerful

Help+Manual packs its powerful features in an easily-accessible and intuitive user interface. If you're comfortable with a modern word processor you'll feel at home right away. The familiar MS Office Ribbon interface makes it easy to find the functions you need, including all the specialized help authoring features that go far beyond what is possible in a word processor.

You can edit multiple topics at the same time in multiple tabs. This is great for working on groups of related topics without losing track of what you are doing. And your projects and tabs are re-loaded automatically next time you start the program.