The user interface of Help+Manual is incredibly easy to learn: it comes with a familiar three-pane layout, and feels like word processor. However, while easy and comfortable to use, a huge set of powerful tools are right at your fingertips. Help+Manual saves its content as pure XML, a safe investment for your work.



Features you won't find in other help tools

Why does Help+Manual make such a difference? It's the painstaking attention to detail, the wealth of helpful small features that make your daily work with Help+Manual such a pleasure.



Publishing Content

With Help+Manual, you write content once and publish to many output formats, ranging from compiled HTML Help to Webhelp, to fully formatted PDF files to the new Apple iPad e-book format.

Build conditions - predefined and user defined - allow different content for every output format. User-defined builds can be used to create customized versions of your online help for a client. And if that isn't enough, the export can be fully automized with publishing tasks and command line options.