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Abbott Laboratories
Akzo Nobel
Alaska Airlines
Alinma Bank
Altova (XMLSpy®)
Applied Materials
American Express
Ameritas Life Insurance
AutoDesk (AutoCAD®)
Bang & Olufsen
Bank of America
Bayerische Landesbank
Baxter International
British Telecom
Canada Life Assurance
Cardinal Health
Cascades Inc.
Credit Suisse
Daimler AG
Demir-Halk Bank
Deutsche Post AG
Developer Express, Inc.
eDoc solutions AG
Financial Times
First American
Gandke & Schubert
GE Captial
H&R Block
International Herald Tribune
Johnson & Johnson
Les Schwab Tires
Lockheed Martin
Magna Steyr
Micron Technology
Nero AG
Northrop Grumman
NYSE Technologies Ltd.
PPG Industries
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Roche Pharma
Rockwell Collins
Saab Aircraft
Sara Lee
Sprint Nextel
Sunlink Corporation
T-Mobile USA
T-Systems Czech
TomTom International B.V
UnitedHealth Group
US Air Force
US Army
US Dept of Energy
US Navy
Varian Medical Systems
Verizon Wireless
Ville de Montreal
Voestalpine AG
Wells Fargo
WIBU-Systems AG

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Testimonials from Help+Manual Users


I have been using Help+Manual for many years, and has proved to be an excellent product for creating PDF files for electronic and print production, and for generating Web-based output for public access to technical documents. We have also used it to generate Kindle format files, again with considerable success. The functionality provided, the speed of operation, the robustness and the support has been excellent throughout.
Dr Mike de Smith, CEO, Drumlin Security

You guys just have the one of the best apps out there. I don’t mean the best help authoring app, I mean best overall app. The user interface makes sense, it’s always virtually bug free when released, and the internet support is the most timely and accessible of any. Somehow you’ve blended power and ease of use and it all works.

Pat Dempsey, Client Marketing Systems, Inc.


I’ve been using Help+Manual for probably 13 years or more doing software training and production process documentation. I have really enjoyed using your product all these years, this is the fourth company I’ve introduced to Help+Manual. Thank you for such a solid product and great support.
Daron Denton, PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc.

Help+Manual is the best and quickest route from Word to Help.
Yosi Zakarin, Technologyz

I have used the programs of some of their competitors; the Help+Manual software leaves them in the dust. Help+Manual's support staff is responsive and friendly, and have provided very knowledgeable and easy-to-understand advice. Within weeks of suggesting a much-needed new feature, the support staff sent an update patch that made their software the only software we need for all of our documentation. I highly recommend Help+Manual.
Clayton Grow, Research Engineer, Convergent Science

Left RoboHelp and AuthorIt in the dustbin to give Help+Manual a try. I think it may just have saved my sanity. What a great program! It anticipates a help designer's every wish and delivers it in a sleek easy-to-use program. Bravo! Love it!

Karin Rex, owner Geeky Girl, LLC


In the usability field right now, what developers aspire to do is to produce software applications that produce delight in their users and that is what Help+Manual and its informative support does.
Katie Mills, CSIRO

I just want to say what a superb product Help+Manual is. I've tried several different apps, some of them quite expensive, and none comes close to H&M for depth of features, stability and ease of use. Each time I use it, I discover some new "Wow!!" feature.
Steve Rindsberg, Microsoft MVP,

I have been using Help+Manual for awhile now, and I have been meaning to send my praises. I have used every single help publishing program ever written over the past 12 years, and I have to tell you that your product is absolutely, without any doubt, the best one I have ever used.
Brian Milburn, President Solid Oak Software, Inc.

I've used RoboHelp since... well, prior to version 3. I just switched over to Help and Manual and it's been great. I actually enjoy writing documentation now.

Glenn Fromer, Treasury Software


I am a developer and also project leader for the help and user guides on our recent roll-out. I was impressed with Help+Manual when i converted from RH. a few years ago and now i'm reminded how well designed it is. Every time i want to move fast or find out how to do something, it seems right at my finger tips. This is clean software that hasn't moved into bloatware.
Dean Robinson, Director Pearce & Robinson LTD

In all respects, I have been happy with the software, the support, and the resulting output from the program, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs to write help for their application.
Gideon King, NovaMind Mind Mapping Software

H+M really is a dream to use. I have been using it intensively now for several days, and with a few exceptions (around tables mainly), it has been enjoyable enough that I have wanted to keep going and continue, to the extent that I have been doing 16 hour days on it. It's a very good tool that has the ability to make the users life so easy they want to keep going and going.
Shane Sturgeon, QP Software Limited

The product is fantastic, it makes my life so much easier and the output looks great! I've already converting large parts of the documentation to H+M and I love it, much easier to work with than AuthorIT.
I love the PDF style editor, makes things look a lot better.

Robert Aronsson, Intellipool AB


I learned online help development during the Windows 3.1 days using RoboHelp. I've used a variety of tools since that time. My current employer already had Help and Manual 3.5 in place as their tool. I've used H+M for over a year now, and I've been extremely pleased with their product. I was so excited to hear about this new release. We purchased the release just this week and so far - I'M LOVING IT!
Leah Eaton, Caduceus Systems, L.L.C.

My family has been in the publishing business since 1938. Personally I have been publishing for 40 years. I am thrilled to have located your Help and Manual and am now in the process of converting all my print publications over to PDF and E-Books with internet online viewing through your HTML function.
B L Mellinger, The Mellinger CO.

H+M is a fantastic product which is vastly better than FrameMaker. It is a delight to use and it has saved us a HUGE amount of development money. I recommend it to friends and other businesses often. Good Luck, and thank you for adding to what is already a fantastic product.

Luhr Jensen, Klein Instruments

I just had to write and say that this is the coolest, easiest and most comprehensive Help Authoring tool I've ever used. You have created a 1st class product and I'm glad I found it (via Google). I develop in Delphi and your Delphi components really help as well.
Warren Wolfe, Labor Systems LLC

I've been using Help+Manual for over a year now and it has made documenting my company's software a pure joy! I should add that this is something I've never done before. In any case, I'm writing because I feel so strongly about your software that I would like to submit a user testimonial.
Chris Vacano, Alight Planning

I want to tell you that Help+Manual is the most wonderful software I have purchsed for years. I have been searching for a way to easily document software that this is it! In my 20 years of owning my own software business. I have never found such an outstanding program for creating all the required forms of documentation. Thank you for literally saving me hundreds if not thousands of hours of time.
Michael D. Brooks,

I am developing database programs with Clarion and was using different programs to create help files. A couple of month ago I changed to Help+Manual - its simple, clear and powerful - its great.
Dir. Manfred Hausleitner, General Manager of Fleurop

We made the decision to try Help+Manual after years of struggling with one of the "leading" help authoring systems. We were impressed with the rich feature set balanced against ease of use.

Fred Decker, ExceleTel Inc

Help+Manual saved my life. I spent a week looking for a Help authoring tool and they all crashed on me. I was at my wit's end, and then I found H+M. Its so easy-to-use and very reliable. Worth every cent.
David Michie,

I just made my first proper html help file (for one of our ColdFusion custom components, we used to just have a text file) using H+M. There is only one thing I can say.. WOW! The program makes it so easy, its brilliant!
David Ridgway, PerthWeb Pty Ltd

I have been using Help+Manual for a couple of years now and have been pleased with it from day one. However, this new version, well it exceeds my expectations. It is great. I have been wanting to export to PDF for sometime. So far, I am super pleased!
Bob Tucker,

I always tell my customers that a product is only as good as the documentation and support the vendor provides. Your company and your product have really assisted us in providing a first class product to our customers.
Dennis Fleming, IISCO

We have been writing a Windows help file using a different product for several years and have recently changed to Help and Manual.
This is a vast improvement in usability, stability and power than all of the products we have used or trialed before. Well done and keep up the good work.
Peter Lowe, Biscount Software