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If your VCS system is managed correctly, you don't need to make backups of your local copy of your VCS project because the version control system is your backup. The entire backup strategy is handled by the VCS system, with incremental backups that allow you to return to earlier versions of your topics and projects if necessary. You just need to make sure that your VCS repository is backed up as well, so that you do not lose everything it contains if disaster strikes in the location where the repository is stored.

The history function

The history function is disabled automatically for projects under version control. If you wish, you can delete the history folder inside the project folder of your working copy so that old history files don't end up in your repository.

Making manual local backups

You can make manual local backups of your project with the Save As.. option in the File menu. This will create an unlinked copy of your project that is not connected to the VCS. DON'T continue editing on this project when you do this, however! If you do, your edits will no longer be part of the version linked to the VCS repository.