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Devices with Hi-Res Displays

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More and more users are enjoying the benefits of modern mobile devices with ultra high-resolution displays like the Microsoft Surface Pro and Lenovo Yoga Pro series. Often, however, the text and controls in application programs can look much too small on these displays.

Help+Manual has full support for these devices and will generally adjust itself automatically to give you a good experience. In addition to this, you can manually adjust the size of the user interface and the zoom level in the editor.


User interface size adjustment

Adjust this with the Text Size control in the View tab in the Ribbon toolbar. This will also adjust the size of all the icons and other user interface elements.

Zoom in the editor window

You also have full zoom in the editor window. This zooms all the elements displayed correctly. You can change it in two places:

With the Editor Zoom setting in the View tab of the Ribbon toolbar

With the Zoom control in the status bar on the right below the main editor window