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Converting old projects

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Help+Manual automatically converts the project files from older versions with obsolete formats (H+M 3 and H+M 4) when you open them. Alternatively, you can also use the stand-alone converter program to convert old projects manually.

Help+Manual 4 projects are generally converted 1:1 and do not require any post-processing after conversion. Older Help+Manual 3 projects did not have the styles and other features introduced in the modern versions of the program and may require some reformatting after importing.

Backward compatibility with Help+Manual 5 and 6:

The Help+Manual 5 and 6 project formats are almost identical with the current format and require no conversion.

You can edit projects saved with Help+Manual 8 in versions 5 and 6 but this is not recommended. Any new features will be stripped out by the older versions when you do this. If you are working on projects in a team all team members should also be using exactly the same version.

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