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The ePUB 3.0 and Kindle/Mobi formats support a customizable Table of Contents (TOC). These formats are HTML, and you can change the format of the TOC for your eBooks by editing the TOC template in this section.


The actual table of contents HTML code is generated automatically by Help+Manual as an unordered list (<ol>) and inserted in the template by the <%TABLE_OF_CONTENTS%> variable.

Don't replace the <nav> element:

For compatibility with the ePUB format you should not try to replace the <nav> tags in the TOC template with different elements.

CSS styles and stylesheets:

By default Help+Manual references the CSS stylesheet generated from the styles defined in your project in this page, using the <%STYLESHEET%> variable in the head section of the template. You can replace this with your own inline CSS styles in the template or a reference to your own CSS stylesheet file if you like. If you use your own stylesheet file, just add it to the baggage files section of your project and it will be exported automatically.