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The full-text search in your WebHelp output is implemented with a bundled version of the Zoom search indexer tool from Wrensoft. The standard version will serve the great majority of users' needs, but if you want you can also integrate the full version of Zoom in your projects. This gives you access to much more extensive search configuration options through Zoom's own configuration interface.

The full version of Zoom also gives you the option to use CGI server-side searching. This is only really needed for huge sites with thousands of topics. For almost all other purposes, the PHP and ASP server-side options included in the bundled version will be more than sufficient.

Important: This section is not included in skins

This section is not stored in HTML skins, it is project-only. Even if you are using a skin, you must still configure this in your project.

Using the full version of Zoom

Just activate the check box in Configuration > Publishing Options > WebHelp > Zoom Indexer to tell Help+Manual that you want to use the full version of Zoom. Then enter the locations of your Zoom installation and the Zoom configuration file that you plan to use. See the Zoom documentation for full details on using and configuring the standalone version of Zoom.

Tip:You can use a user-defined variable to specify the Zoom configuration file. In addition to this, you can also use variables inside the custom Zoom configuration file. This makes it possible to select different configuration files in publishing tasks and batch files for automated build operations.