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These common properties are displayed at the top of the editing screen and are always available no matter which tab is selected.

Select window:

Select a help window definition for editing. By default only the standard Main window is defined. Click on Add to create additional secondary help windows. Remove deletes the current secondary help window (Main cannot be deleted).

Window name:

This is the identifying name of your help window type, which is displayed in the Help Window: field in each topic's tab. It is restricted to a maximum length of 8 characters. No spaces or non-alphanumeric characters are allowed.

You cannot rename a secondary help window once you have created it.

Global window name:

Only use this option for HTML Help files using runtime merging in a collection of master/child CHM files. You can then use the same global help window name for all the CHM files for better access to the CHM collections via the help calls from your applications.

The benefit of using a global help window is that the help always opens in the same window on new help calls, even when you are making calls to child modules. If you don't use a global window, calls to different modules in the help system will open new instances of the help viewer.

If you use this option the global help window name must use the following format, and you must use the same global name in all the projects:




Important – make sure your window name is unique!

Don't use the standard $global_main name! If you do it is quite possible that some other software on the user's computer will also be using that name and then your help could open in their help window!

Title bar text:

This is the text displayed in the title bar of the help viewer in HTML Help. You can enter different texts for secondary window definitions to display different titles in the title bars of external windows.

By default this field contains the <%TITLE%> variable, which automatically displays the text entered in Help Title: field in the Title & Copyright section, so you only need to change this if you want to display a different text.

Size and position:

Defines the size and position of the main help viewer for Main and for external windows for secondary help window definitions.

Note that in HTML Help these settings are only used the first time the help is opened for the main help viewer. After that Windows stores the user's own settings and re-uses them the next time the help is opened. The settings will always be used for external windows, however.

Position Wizard

The Position Wizard displays a dummy window that you can position and resize on the screen to set the size and position values.

If you have a dual monitor system use the position wizard in the primary monitor and make sure that the primary monitor is on the left: On dual-monitor systems the 0,0 position is defined as the top left corner of the primary monitor, so doing this will make sure that the resulting values also work on single-monitor computers.

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