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eWriter eBooks for Windows

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An eWriter eBook is WebHelp stored in a single file. In addition to use as normal eBooks, it is a modern alternative to the obsolete CHM help format for documenting software applications on Windows machines. The eWriter format combines the benefits of CHM and WebHelp, eliminating the disadvantages of both and providing unique security features. It uses Windows' own HTML rendering engine to display the content, with full support for CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and media.

See eWriter eBooks for more details on the benefits of the eWriter format.

Deploying eWriter for software documentation

If you are going to deploy eWriter help files for your own software documentation you need to install the eViewer.exe executable along with your application and consider some issues regarding making your calls to your files and choosing the best file extensions. Please see EWriter for Software Help in the reference section for details on this.

The universal eWriter viewer app

On Windows 10 users are automatically prompted to get the eWriter Viewer from the Windows Store when they try to open an .ewriter file. A downloadable installer for the Win32 version is available for users on older versions of Windows. See The eWriter Viewer App for details.

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