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HM2Go - mini server for local WebHelp

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You are probably all too familiar with the annoying yellow warning bar in that appears in Internet Explorer when you open WebHelp files directly on your own computer. Google Chrome also has problems with local WebHelp files, although they display fine in Chrome online. Without a web server environment, browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome are unable to confirm the security of active features in HTML files and they block them to be on the safe side.

HM2Go is a tiny server you can distribute with your help

Help+Manual 2 Go (HM2Go) is a tiny server in a single 1.5mb EXE file. When you open your WebHelp output automatically after publishing it, Help+Manual opens it in HM2Go so that all browsers display it correctly.

If you are distributing WebHelp for local viewing you can install HM2Go and be sure that the help will display properly, even if it opens in  browsers with defective local HTML handling like IE and Chrome. HM2Go is royalty-free and very easy to deploy and works both on hard disks and on removable media like CDs and DVDs. There are just two switches in the command line: