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As of Help+Manual 9, you can now insert PDF files as snippets. This function is also available in Print Manual Designer tool for editing your PDF templates, where you can insert PDF pages your PDF template sections.

How PDF snippets are inserted

When you publish to PDF, PDF snippets are inserted as native PDF pages. In HTML formats they are inserted as graphics.

Inserting PDF snippets

The option is available in the From PDF tab in the Insert Snippet dialog:



1.Click in the topic editor where you want to insert the snippet and select the Snippet Tool.

2.Choose From PDF on the left and navigate to the PDF file with the BTN_Browse browse button.

3.Choose to insert all the PDF pages or just a page range. Entering a single page number inserts a single page.

Locating the snippet source for linked snippets

Hold down CTRL and click on the snippet in the Help+Manual editor, or right-click on it and select Locate Snippet Source in the context menu. This will open Windows Explorer and select the PDF source file.