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In HTML Help CHM you can use either the CHM format's native plain-text popups and the JavaScript popups generated by Help+Manual. If you activate JavaScript popups then they will be used for all popup links in your project. If you turn JavaScript popups off then the native plain-text popups will be used for topic popup links. However, even when JavaScript popups are activated the plain-text version of the popup file is still exported to the CHM and can be used for field-level popups displayed in your application.

Selecting popup mode in HTML Help

To activate JavaScript popups select Export topics of class "Popup" as JavaScript popup windows in HTML Export Options. If this option is not activated, links to popup topics in your help will display as normal CHM plain-text popups.

For full details see Creating popup topics and Using JavaScript popups.

Customizing JavaScript popups:

Click on Customize popup appearance in HTML Export Options to display the configuration dialog:



Displays the popup on user click or mouseover (i.e. as soon as the user moves the mouse pointer over the link). Be careful with using the mouseover option as many users find this intrusive and it may also trigger popup blockers in some browsers.

Border width:

Enter 0 for no border, any value above 0 (in pixels) to draw a border around the popup box.

Border padding:

The distance between the popup content and the border or edge of the popup (if there is no border) in pixels.


The background color of the popup box.

Border color:

The color of the border, if there is one.

Rounded borders and drop shadow:

These effects are only supported by modern browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.6, Google Chrome 10 or later.

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