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You can get more powerful JavaScript popups with the Help+Manual Premium Pack, which also supports field-level popups for WebHelp. See here for details.


JavaScript popups are used to display topics as popups in WebHelp and in HTML Help CHM files. They are the only way to display popups in the help in these two formats. If you don't activate JavaScript popups links to popup topics will display as normal topics in both these formats. HTML Help has native plain-text popups, but they are only used for field-level popups displayed as context help within applications.

If you are using the V3 Responsive skins in the Premium Pack 3 add-on, you can also use JavaScript popups as field-level popups in WebHelp.

Example:Click here for a simple example of a JavaScript popup.
Advantages:JavaScript popups create fully-formatted popups that can contain formatted text (bold, italic, different fonts etc.) and graphics. In HTML Help JavaScript popups are stored inside the main CHM help file so that you only need to distribute one file.
Limitations:JavaScript popups cannot be used for field-level popups called from and displayed in applications. They can only be displayed within the help file.

Note that activating JavaScript popups is a global setting for all the popup topics defined in your project.

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