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Many users have asked for the ability to apply borders to images globally, or to define the same size for an entire class of images. This is now possible with the new image style introduced in Help+Manual 9.

You can now define styles for images in the same way as for paragraphs and tables. And just as with paragraphs and tables, changing the image style definition changes the formatting for all images tagged with the style.


Image styles: Borders

You can define the border style (solid, dashed etc.), width and color. Plus the radius, which creates rounded corners, and an offset, for a border offset from the image.

Image styles: Scaling

Define the dimensions of the image, either absolutely or relative to the page width. This ensures that all images with this style will have the same width. If you choose relative percentage, they will also be responsive, adjusting in relation to the width of the current window. This is essential for responsive web design for both desktop and mobile devices, and it also ensures that your images won't break PDF and Word layouts.