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Plugins: AI Translation & PDF Review

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Support for external plugins

Help+Manual 8 has a new interface for external plugins that will allow a wide range of external HTML-based enhancements in the future, including things like translation tools and grammar checkers. The initial release comes with the first two plugins that add very powerful features to the program:

How to use the translation plugin

PDF Peer Review Plugin

DeepL machine translation plugin

DeepL is by far the best machine translation system that is generally available today. Compared to all other previous systems, it actually produces results that are usable with only a small amount of human editing. You just select the text you want to translate in your topic and click on Translate in the plugin pane to translate it to the target language, keeping all the original formatting intact.

See Machine Translation with DeepL for instructions.

Supported languages: British English, American English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified.

Continuous DeepL use requires you to purchase an API key from DeepL, which has very reasonable subscription rates.


PDF review plugin


Annotated/commented PDFs are the best way to distribute drafts to your colleagues for review.

Help+Manual could already export your project to PDF with comments for review. Now the PDF review plugin synchronizes those comments and the additional comments you receive back from your colleagues with your Help+Manual project.

See Peer Review with Annotated PDFs for detailed instructions.

You create the PDF with Help+Manual, including your own comments, and distribute it to your colleagues for additional comments, which they add with their own PDF commenting tool.

When they return the commented PDF to you, you open it with the plugin in Help+Manual and it shows you all the comments side by side with the topic selected in Help+Manual, along with a miniature preview of the PDF page.