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The loadpage parameter opens and displays a specific HTML page from the eWriter file by page name. The format of this string depends on the contents of the .ewriter file.

For .ewriter books created with Help+Manual, the parameter is typically index.html, followed by a question mark and the topic page, or it is the topic page directly. Which version is appropriate, depends on the Webhelp skin used for compilation. Please refer to the Help+Manual online help for details.

Rule of thumb

Use index.html?topicpage.html for older skins and bare-bone skins (because these skins implement frames and "index.html" is always the top frame).

Use topicpage.html for frameless Premium Pack skins (V3, V4, V5).

When using standalone EXE eWriter Help files for Windows the file is both the viewer and the target. The viewer thus calls itself. Otherwise the syntax is exactly the same.



Topic page in the help file



loadpage=introduction.html?anchor=anchor2 (Premium Pack)


All examples are the argument. They must always be preceded by the eViewer app or the eWriter EXE file name if you are using that format on Windows. When using standalone Windows EXE files the file is both the viewer and the target and calls itself.

URL examples eViewer app:
ewriter://<path+filename>?loadpage=introduction.html?anchor=anchor2 (Premium Pack)

URL examples Windows EXE eWriter file:
ewriter://<path+EXEfilename>?loadpage=introduction.html?anchor=anchor2 (Premium Pack)