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HelpXplain for Developers

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The information here is for advanced users and software developers who would like to be able to integrate HelpXplain project files directly in or with their own applications. It describes the structure and components of HelpXplain project files (.xplain) so that you know what to look for, where to find it and what you can do with it.

Basic file format

An .xplain file is really just a standard ZIP compressed archive, just like a Word .docx file. Its contents can be accessed, enumerated, read and written by any programs or programming classes or frameworks that can handle the standard ZIP format.

Contents of the project file

The project file contains a preview image, an XML file containing the project contents and the image files used in the project. The preview.jpg preview image and the image.xml main descriptor XML file are contained on the root level of the archive. The image files used in the project are stored in an internal folder called images.

Getting the dimensions for the embedding iFrame

You can get the dimensions for the iFrame by reading the preview image stored in the project file.

Compiling a HelpXplain project to produce the HTML source

There is a free command line compiler with which you can compile the HelpXplain project and produce the HTML, CSS and JS and image files used in the Xplain.

Deploying HelpXplain presentations on websites

To get the list of files and embed code for your Xplain activate the In Master Page preview option in the Publish screen when generating the output. You will then be able to test the Xplain directly in a sample page that also provides all the details you need for deployment.