Is Help & Manual for you?

Help & Manual is the leading help and documentation tool, used by thousands of software developers and technical writers.

But is it for you? Help & Manual is for you if you can answer at least one of the following questions with Yes:

Are you a software developer creating Windows applications?

Help & Manual creates HTML Help (.chm), the standard Microsoft help format for Windows and .Net applications.

Additionally, Help & Manual can parse and document VisualStudio source code.

Do you want your documentation to look professional?

Without spending countless hours on programming HTML and Javascript, perhaps?

Perfect! Help & Manual is as simple to use as a word processor, but creates clean HTML5 output. Content and layout are strictly separated. Use the Premium Pack skins to apply a professional layout or customize your own skins.

Would you like to make your customers happy at no extra cost?

Provide an additional printable user manual for your product in PDF format! Help & Manual has a built-in PDF engine that creates fully-formatted PDF files from your online help.

It's just a mouse click for you, but for your customers it's the service they wish everyone would provide.

Do you plan to increase your search engine visibility and ranking?

Publish your documentation in Webhelp format and integrate it into your website. Nothing explains your product better than the documentation you wrote for it. Google sees it this way.

Webhelp also streamlines your support desk: Just point your customers to the topics that answer their questions, it only takes seconds. Help & Manual's Webhelp output is context-sensitive and supports direct links to pages and items on pages. This helps to reduce support costs.

Are you working in a team of technical writers?

Help & Manual has built-in concurrent multi-user editing capabilities. If a huge server-based content management system is just too big for you, Help & Manual is the right size!

Will your documentation be translated?

Help & Manual saves content in pure XML, ideal for external translation without conversion or export/import hassles.

Do you want to spend a week on training before you start writing?

That was a trick question, thank you for your attention!

Of course you want to start right now! And you can. Help & Manual isn't just a powerhouse, it also has an amazingly short learning curve. We promise results within 20 minutes! Don't believe it, try it!


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