Embarcadero Technology Partner

We are programming with Delphi (former Borland Delphi) and are proud of it! EC Software GmbH is an official Embarcadero Technology Partner.

And we are not shy of sharing some of our work with fellow programmers. All software components on this page are being used in Help & Manual and are either open-source or freeware with full source included. Enjoy!


Help & Manual 6 Welcome Screen as stand-alone component

video link

(Updated November 2011)

[Delphi XE2, XE]

A Windows 8 Metro style UI component to implement dynamic welcome screens in a Delphi application. The component is a programming example with full source code. It works with GDI+, the extended GDI painting library that is part of the operating system since Windows XP. So all that is required on the client computer is Windows XP or higher (but no Direct-X).

Click here to see a YouTube video of the component in action!




OpenOffice 3 Spell Checker for Delphi

Version: 1.1  (updated March 2011)

Open source component to implement spell checking using OpenOffice 3 dictionaries.


This is a spelling checker based on the NHunspell project from Thomas Maierhofer (also open source). It is the first Delphi implementation to directly support the latest OpenOffice 3 dictionaries and uses the Hunspell spell checking engine, which is being used in OpenOffice, Firefox and many other software programs.


  • Can read and open OpenOffice 3 dictionaries as well as the older OpenOffice 2 format
  • Implements spell checking and hyphenation
  • Full Unicode support, no codepage conversions
  • Support for Addict 4 - use Addict with OpenOffice dictionaries!


NHunspell for Delphi Project Page on SourceForge


EC Software Help Suite (EHS)

Version: 1.90  (updated February 2008)

Freeware components for Delphi with full source.

[D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D2005,D2006 and D2007]

Note: EC Software Help Suite provides a bridge to enable HTML Help (.chm), that was missing in older versions of Borland Delphi. Since RAD Studio 2005, Delphi has native support for HTML Help, making EHS actually obsolete. We recommend to use the native Delphi functions for HTML Help.


EC Software Help Suite (ehs.zip, 1.2 MB)

Includes all components with full source code and a compiled exe demo.