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It happens: You thought your project was finished but after the translator has started work on the new translation you discover that you need to make some more changes and/or additions to the original project. Can the translator synchronize these changes into his/her project, even though the actual translation is not yet finished?

This is possible, provided your new changes are saved after the last changes made by the translator. So if you need to make changes after the project has been sent out for translation you need to coordinate with the translator(s) before making the changes.

Synchronizing interim updates

1.Inform the translator that further changes need to be made. Ask them to finish all their work on the current version before proceeding. Then they should send you the finished project.

2.Once you have the finished project from the translator that is the new "old" version. You can now make your changes in the original version.

3.Once you have made your changes, perform the project synchronization step on the translated version of the project again. This will create a new working version for the translator that you can then send them so that they can complete the work.

Always select the "Keep old and new text" option in the synchronization options!
This ensures that the translator can also reference any work they may have done on the affected topics before you made the new changes.

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