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It happens: You thought your project was finished but after the translator has started work on the new translation you discover that you need to make some more changes and/or additions to the original project. Can the translator synchronize these changes into his/her project, even though the actual translation is not yet finished?

This is possible because of the way Project Synch works. Instead of comparing the dates and timestamps of the project files it synchronizes all changes made since the last synchronization of the language pair. So even if the translator has worked on the changed topics after the new changes have been made, the project will still be synchronized correctly.

Synchronizing interim updates

Just open the updated original (even if the translation of the original changes is not yet completely finished) and perform the project synchronization step on the translated version of the project again. You can do this even if the translator has already started work on some of the changes added the first time you synchronized the two projects.

Always select the "Keep old and new text" option in the synchronization options!
If you select Simply overwrite with new content the work that the translator has done in the meantime may be lost!

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