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Why Help+Manual?

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Create hyperlinks by dragging and dropping. Add graphics and multimedia elements in seconds. Make screenshots of your application with the integrated screenshot tool and enhance them quickly with the screenshot editing program. Compile your project to any supported output format with a couple of clicks. Work in collaboration with a team of authors all editing the same project at the same time. Produce help and documentation faster and more efficiently and have fun in the process!


Save time


Help+Manual helps you to create better documentation quicker. Despite its power the user interface and workflow are amazingly intuitive The time required for producing the help for a medium-sized software project can be measured in days or weeks instead of months.


Save money


Online help is a key feature of your software and is just as important for success as an application that does not crash. Professional, attractive and well-organized documentation can significantly decrease your support costs. At the same time it will also increase user satisfaction, generating a positive snowball effect.


Concentrate on your work


Explain your software to your users, not the help authoring tool to yourself. Help+Manual's intuitive user interface is transparent and straightforward. All the technical details are handled in the background by the program. What you see is what you get and what you get is what you need.


Work in a team


With Help+Manual you and your co-authors can all work on the same project at the same time. Just put your project on server where all team members can access it and get to work. Help+Manual makes sure that no two team members can try to change the same topic at the same time.


All standard help formats are supported


No matter whether you need to create  modern HTML Help CHM files, multi-browser friendly WebHelp and even Visual Studio Help for internal Visual Studio .NET programming documentation (both the old HXS and the new MSHC formats), Help+Manual is the right tool for the job. It generates all standard help formats and it creates them all from the same single source.

In addition to this Help+Manual also generates Adobe PDF, printed manuals, Apple iBooks® eBooks using the universal ePUB format for the Apple iPad and other devices, Windows EXE eBooks for CDs and older Windows machines and Word DOCX – also all from the same single source file, that you only need to edit once!


Reuse content


Create libraries of reusable topics and texts and insert them in your projects in Link or Copy mode. In Link mode the texts update everywhere where they are used when the original files are changed. In the Professional and Floating license versions you can also reuse topics from other projects directly.


Localize your documentation


Help+Manual projects can be edited and translated directly by translators working with professional tools like SDL Trados. In addition to this, tools are included to help translators using Help+Manual itself as their translation editor.


Supply a user manual


You can output printed manuals on paper or as a PDF file that your users can view on screen or print themselves. Here too, Help+Manual delivers where other help authoring tools just make promises it creates ready-to-ship user manuals directly from your help project, including powerful facilities for controlling all the elements that need to be different in printed and electronic output.

Forget about maintaining different versions for your online help and printed manuals!


Writing help can be fun


Don't believe it? Give it a try with Help+Manual...