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The dialog icons opens the Paragraph dialog

The dialog icons opens the Paragraph dialog

This is the manual paragraph formatting dialog displayed when you select the Dialog icon in the Paragraph group. Most of its features should be familiar from word processing programs and pretty self-explanatory. Exactly the same dialogs are displayed for formatting text manually and for defining styles.

When formatting text manually paragraph attributes are applied to all paragraphs that are at least partially selected, or to the paragraph in which the cursor is currently located.

Internally, Help+Manual handles all measurements in pixels. For maximum precision working in pixels rather than inches or centimeters is recommended. You can change your measurement units setting globally in View > Program Options > Editor > Ruler Units.

The Indents and Spacing and Tab Stops tabs:

All the settings in these tabs are exactly the same as in a normal word processor and should be self-explanatory. Note that tab stops are not supported in HTML-based formats and should generally only be used in hanging indents, where they are automatically converted in HTML output. Please see Using indents for details on using indents in help files.



The Line and Page breaks tab:

The first two settings in this tab are only used for printing manuals and generating PDF and Word output. They are ignored in all other output formats.


Keep lines together:

Applying this attribute to a paragraph or a style will keep all of the lines of a paragraph together at a page break. Don't use for body text – if your paragraphs are large this setting will bump the entire paragraph onto the next page, leaving an ugly gap!

Keep paragraph with next:

Keeps the paragraph with the next paragraph at a page break. Generally only used for headings. If you use empty paragraphs after headings remember that you must apply this setting to both the heading and the empty paragraph, otherwise it won't work.

Word wrap:

If you disable this setting the lines of paragraphs will no longer automatically wrap to the next line. It is normally only used for formatting program code and other text where the ends of each line is defined with a paragraph end mark. If you disable this in normal text everything except the first line will disappear off the right margin of the page.

In HTML-based output formats turning off word wrap is achieved by converting all spaces to non-breaking spaces. You can then also use leading spaces for indenting text.

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