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This option is used to insert animated presentations and infographics created with our own HelpXplain tool. This links directly to the .xplain source file, which is compiled fresh when you publish your Help+Manual project so that the latest version is always integrated in your output.

The dialog is very similar to the video dialog, with just a couple of small differences.

Insert HelpXplain / HelpXplain tab:



The HelpXplain source file, which has the extension .xplain.

Drag & Drop:

You can drag .xplain files into the the HelpXplain dialog


The caption is displayed below the placeholder image for the video just like the caption of an image. The Title is the ALT tag text of the preview image that is also displayed as mouseover tip.

Display Options:

Fixed or variable. Variable is recommended for inline presentations. Then the presentation will expand and contract with the browser page.


This is the same as the alignment and padding values for inserting images. Padding inserts space around the video in the topic page.


If you select Lightbox the video will be played in an overlay on the page when the user clicks on the placeholder image. Otherwise the presentation plays inline in the page in the position where the placeholder image is displayed, in the same way as embedded videos on most web pages.

Play after:

Delay before the presentation plays automatically. Uncheck the checkbox to disable autoplay.

Endless loop:

Repeat the presentation indefinitely unless the user stops it.

Add play button:

Adds an overlay Play button to the placeholder image  so that it is more obvious to the user that they can play the video by clicking on it. Only available for Lightbox mode.

Print options:

Options for outputting the Xplain as static slides when publishing to PDF or Word.

Print Options tab

Options for outputting the Xplain as static slides when publishing to PDF or Word. You can export just the first slide, or all slides in a tabular grid.

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