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Inserting videos and online media

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Inserting a video is basically as easy as inserting a graphic. Just click in the editor where you want to insert the video, click on the Media tool in Write > Insert, then select the type of video you want to insert and proceed with the dialog displayed.

Please see About using video files for important information on using video files in your projects and support for video in the various publishing formats!

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If you want to be sure that videos play reliably, use online video services for CHM files, MP4 video or online services for WebHelp and M4V or online services for ePUB (Apple iBooks only).

Tutorial project:

For more detailed examples see the Interactive Media tutorial project that you can find in the My HelpAndManual Projects\Examples folder in your Documents directory. It is also accessible directly in the Welcome screen available at the top of the Project Explorer on the left.

Adobe Flash discontinued:

Adobe Flash has now been discontinued worldwide and on all platforms, among other things because of its horrendous security performance. Existing Flash videos in projects will still work on platforms that have Flash installed but you can no longer add new Flash content. We strongly recommend that you remove all Flash content.

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